Volume-10 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2020

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Volume-10 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2020 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 16

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Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Evaluation of Employees’ Perception with Special Reference to KSRTC Bengaluru….Page.No- 01-11

M. Jayappa, Krashika M.A[Full Text PDF]

2 Kalyan Dombivli Industrial Belt: A Tussle of Environment Vs Economy ….Page.No- 12-15

S. H. Chitre[Full Text PDF]

3 Legal Provisions for Women with Disabilities….Page.No- 16-26

Manpreet Kaur Dhanoa[Full Text PDF]


Aftermath of 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks: Role of Mumbai Police & ATS (Mumbai)….Page.No-27-33

Harshil Mehta, Venkat Ram Reddy Minampati[Full Text PDF]


Gandhian Ideology : Its Relevance to the World Community in Present Scenario….Page.No- 34-39

Beena Mahlawat[Full Text PDF]

6 “Indo– Israel Strategic Ties: Sky’s The Limit”….Page.No-40-45

Partha Biswas[Full Text PDF]

7 Artificial Intelligence : Is Human Greed a Bigger Threat than Machines?….Page.No- 46-56

Vilas Padhye[Full Text PDF]

8 Political Ideologies and Drama Art….Page.No-57-60

Jayant Shevtekar[Full Text PDF]

9 Quality Concerns & Assurance in Indian Higher Education….Page.No- 61-73

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]


A Survey on School Going Children and Out of School Children in the Age Group of 06 To 14 In Rainawari Zone, District Srinagar, J & K….Page.No-74-84

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Physiological and Motor Fitness Component amongst Jumpers and Throwers Player….Page.No-85-88

Vivekanand Singh[Full Text PDF]


The Study Physical Fitness and Sports Performance of Training on Skill in Basketball Players….Page.No-89-94

Vivekanand Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Physical Fitness between Sportsmen and Non Sportsmen of Gidderbaha City of Punjab State.….Page.No-95-96

Jaspal Singh, Ramesh Chand Kanwar[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative study of Components of Physical Fitness between Kho Kho and Kabbadi players….Page.No-97-98

Jaspal Singh, Ramesh Chand Kanwar[Full Text PDF]

15 Gandhi and Football….Page.No-99-101

Arunabha Ray[Full Text PDF]


The health and education related quality of life of children with Hearing Impairment: A Review.….Page.No-102-106

Pramod Kumar Kulhade, Akhilesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]