Volume-12 / July 2022 Special Issue

Volume-12 / July 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 10                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Role of E-Commerce….Page.No- 01-08
Neha[Full Text PDF]
2Women’s Brand Loyalty-A Study of Emerging Market of Personal Care Products with Respect to Satara District….Page.No- 09-18
Nishigandha Bichkar[Full Text PDF]
3Junior Female Air Pistol Shooters and their Relationship to Selected Anthropometric Measurements….Page.No- 19-23
Navneet, Seema Sharma, Urvesh Sharma[Full Text PDF]
4Teacher Innovation and Challenges in Teaching English Language through Digital Technologies….Page.No-24-34
Joy Angeline J, Saminatha Eswar M[Full Text PDF]
5New Normal’s Bearing on Early Teachers: A Brief Look at the Mode of Teaching and Education for the Future….Page.No- 35-45
Saminatha Eswar M, Joy Angeline J[Full Text PDF]
6Values in Indian System of Education With Reference to Neo-Humanistic Education….Page.No-46-53
Renubala Sundaray, Suchitra Das[Full Text PDF]
7A Study of University Students’ Perception towards their own Employ ability Skills….Page.No- 54-68
Sushmita Mitra, Ritu Dangwal[Full Text PDF]
8Scope of Spirituality in Colleges and Educational Institutions in India.….Page.No-69-72
Swapnil S. Arsad[Full Text PDF]
9Mass Migration of Students to Abroad Countries Proves Failure of Indian Higher Education System….Page.No- 73-77
Swapnil S. Arsad[Full Text PDF]
10Climate Change: Coping with Altered Climate….Page.No-78-91
Neeraj[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 18                              

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Teaching Energy and Climate Change….Page.No- 01-05
Alandra Kahl[Full Text PDF]
2Cryptocurrency – The Downfall trend in the world….Page.No- 06-12
Ram Niwas Sangwan, Ekta Rani[Full Text PDF]
3Tribal Population Growth Impact on Tribal Agriculture Structure – A Study in Karimnagar District….Page.No- 13-19
A.Jagan[Full Text PDF]
4Irrigation Mechanization and Agriculture Growth in Telangana State….Page.No-20-31
Ramesh Jaligam[Full Text PDF]
5“Impact of Advertising on Buying Decision of Youth in Solapur City”….Page.No- 32-40
Amol Jagannath Veer, M. S. Dabade[Full Text PDF]
6Religion and Politics; Disintegration, Separation and Conflict….Page.No-41-45
Monika Sharma, Ajitabh Mishra[Full Text PDF]
7Understanding the Lokasaṁgraha of Bhagavad Gītā asthe Unique Scheme of Human Welfare….Page.No- 46-53
Alok Ranjan Khatua[Full Text PDF]
8Unity of Phenomenal Consciousness and the Problem of Partial Unity:  Some Reflection….Page.No-54-60
Bharat Malakar[Full Text PDF]
9Eugene O’Neill: A Modern Tragic Artist….Page.No- 61-64
Satinder Kumar Verma[Full Text PDF]
10Changing Admission Pattern, a New Paradigm in Undergraduate Courses and Career Selection in Rural Areas and Rural and Backward Area Universities of India….Page.No-65-69
Swapnil S. Arsad[Full Text PDF]
11Moral Values and Value Education: Hidden Curriculum in Secondary Schools of Thane District….Page.No-70-76
Susmita S. Mhalunkar, Pratibha S.Patankar[Full Text PDF]
12Universal Primary Education to Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education for All: Shift in Priority in Global Developmental Agenda….Page.No-77-83
Sarabjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]
13Quality Assurance in Teacher Education Institutions: Role of Head of the Institution.….Page.No-84-92
Pradipta Kumar Mishra[Full Text PDF]
14Exploratory factor analysis of ICT based teaching in secondary schools: A case study of Balasore district, odisha….Page.No-93-102
Liparani Panda, Pradipta Kumar M[Full Text PDF]
15Physical Variables and Badminton Performance: A Relationship Study ….Page.No-103-107
Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]
16Assessment of Nutritional Status of Male & Female Teacher Trainees in West Tripura District.….Page.No-108-113
Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]
17“Thematic Study of Autogenic Training and Its Impact”.….Page.No-114-118
Ashutosh Tiwari [Full Text PDF]
18Relationship between Resting Heart Rate and Breath Holding Capacity on the Performance of the Archers.….Page.No-119-123
Sujay Bisht[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / May 2022 Special Issue [National Conference on Digital Trends and Technologies in Commerce and Management: Issues and Challenges]

Volume-12 / May 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Conference Name: One Day National Conference onDigital Trends and Technologies in Commerce and Management: Issues and Challenges

Organized and Hosted by: Vidyavardhaka First Grade College,SheshadriIyer Road, Mysuru– 01,PG Centre, Department of Studies in Commerce, Vidyavardhaka Research Foundation and IQAC in Collaboration with, University Industry Interaction Centre (UIIC), University of Mysore.

Conference Chairman:Dr. S. Mari Gowda

Conference Secretary: Dr Rajeshwari G M

Date of Conference: Saturday, May 14, 2022

Total Research Papers: 25                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1A Study to Assess the Knowledge on Obesity and Life Style Practices among Adolescents through Various Digital Technologies – A Pilot Study….Page.No- 01-28
Deeksha M. Shetty, Kanakavalli K. Kundury, H. Basavana Gowdappa[Full Text PDF]
2Impact of Digital Banking Units on Digital Transactions in India….Page.No- 29-38
Deepak K, Manjunatha R.A Katte[Full Text PDF]
3A Study on Impact of Digitalization on The Entrepreneurial Leadership in India….Page.No- 39-54
Rajeshwari G M, Nandini K M, Rakshith R[Full Text PDF]
4“A Study on Selected Financial Technology (FinTech) Services in India”….Page.No-55-64
B. Nagaraju, Nandan P[Full Text PDF]
5“Digital Education – A SWOC Analysis”….Page.No- 65-70
B. Nagaraju, Prathima B T[Full Text PDF]
6“Digital Literacy Revolution of Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups”….Page.No-71-78
Rajeshwari G M, Lavanya B, Mizba Saher[Full Text PDF]
7A Study on FinTech: Growth and impact on Indian Financial Services….Page.No- 79-85
Rajeshwari G.M, Pallavi G. S[Full Text PDF]
8A Study on Impact of Digitalization on the Education in India.….Page.No-86-92
M.Sivakumar, K.Rajendran[Full Text PDF]
9A Study on Usage of Digital Banking in Rural Areas….Page.No- 93-99
Sandeep K, Harshitha K[Full Text PDF]
10A Study of Digital Business for E-Content….Page.No-100-105
Shruthi D, Lakshmi P[Full Text PDF]
11“Students’ Perception Towards Digital Learning:A Study On Digitalization in Education Sector in Mysuru City”….Page.No-106-114
Gayana H A[Full Text PDF]
12Digital Fundraising in Nonprofit Organizations: A Conceptual Study….Page.No-115-123
Harshitha M, Rajeshwari G M[Full Text PDF]
13Evolving Phase of Digital Marketing for New Age Customers.….Page.No-124-137
K N Shailaja Jois, Nandini P[Full Text PDF]
14Use of IND-As XBRL Taxonomy for Digital Reporting….Page.No-138-147
Kruthi D, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
15A Study on Disclosure of Fair Value Hierarchy Information in the Annual Reports And in the XBRL Instance Document….Page.No-148-156
Lokesha S P, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
16Study on Hedge Accounting Disclosure Practices under Annual Reports and XBRL Instance Documents.….Page.No-157-164
Mahesh K S, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
17Willingness of patients to use WhatsApp and Zoom applications for receiving diabetes self-management education: Results of a pilot study.….Page.No-165-177
Prathapkumar K S, Shalini, Kanakavalli K. Kundury, Basavana Gowdappa H[Full Text PDF]
18“A Study on Influence of Digital Marketing on Buying Behaviour of Youth with Special Reference to Mysuru city”.….Page.No-178-183
S.Poornima, Nandish P[Full Text PDF]
19“Consumer Persuasion towards the Use of Mobile Wallet in Mysore City”.….Page.No-184-189
S. Poornima, Sanjay P. M[Full Text PDF]
20A Study on Disclosure of Goods and Services Tax Information Under XBRL.….Page.No-190-195
Sandesh Dsouza, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
21Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Entrepreneurship.….Page.No-196-203
Shashikala.S.R, M.Amulya[Full Text PDF]
22“An Overview of Impact of Quantum Computation in Digital Business”….Page.No-204-209
Suma.G[Full Text PDF]
23An Analysis on the Annual Reports of an Indian Unicorn Startup: Paytm”.….Page.No-210-217
Sushma Prasad R, Rajeshwari G M[Full Text PDF]
24“Deferred Tax Accounting Disclosure Practices under XBRL”.….Page.No-218-226
Yathish Kumar, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
25A Study on Disclosure of Segment Financial Reporting Information under XBRL.….Page.No-227-232
Priya V, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 24                              

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Structure of Cultivation Chain of Maps in Albania….Page.No- 01-05
Engjellushe Ibraliu, Maksim Meco[Full Text PDF]
2Value Chain of Maps in Highland Mountains in Albania….Page.No- 06-09
Engjellushe Ibraliu, Maksim Meco[Full Text PDF]
3Review :  Role of Neurosecretion in the Reproductive Physiology of  Terrestrial  Snails….Page.No- 10-16
Pradeep S. Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]
4Role of Medical Plant in Wound Healing Activity: An Ethnopharmacology Analysis….Page.No-17-25
Vaishali Bapurao Joshi, Syed Shahab Ahmed[Full Text PDF]
5An Important Aspect of Fuzzy Set Theory in Medicine….Page.No- 26-31
S. Mujeebuddin[Full Text PDF]
6Living Together Relationships in Nepal: Need for Legal Protection….Page.No-32-43
Naresh Kumar Maharjan[Full Text PDF]
7The Mathematical Model of Social System….Page.No- 44-47
S.Mujeeb Uddin[Full Text PDF]
8Expressivism and Prescriptivism: A Comparative Study….Page.No-48-54
Shivangi Shanker[Full Text PDF]
9A Study on Audience Satisfaction of Bansa Fm 91.9:Agriculture Program in Focus….Page.No- 55-62
Spurgeon, Dawit Kake[Full Text PDF]
10Gandhi on Sustainable Development and Modern Day Challenges….Page.No-63-69
Waseem Saeed[Full Text PDF]
11Humanism as Prominent Issue Reflected in Graham Greene’s The Confidential Agent….Page.No-70-75
Rajendra Nivrutti Gaikwad[Full Text PDF]
12Gender Relationship in the selected novels of  Shashi  Deshpande  and Sudha  Murty: A comparative  study….Page.No-76-78
Anil  Haribhau  Kapare[Full Text PDF]
13The Review on Carpet Industry in India.….Page.No-79-82
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
14Skill Development and Their Impact of Childcare and Parent….Page.No-83-88
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
15Motivation of Students towards learning English as a Second Language at the Primary level….Page.No-89-98
Ananya Changkakoti ,Dulumoni Goswami[Full Text PDF]
16Analysis and Findings on Drop Out of School Girls and their Remedial Measures.….Page.No-99-106
Smita Bhagwantrao Kokate, Santosh Jagwani[Full Text PDF]
17A Study of the Perspectives of B.Ed. Students on Online Teaching and Learning.….Page.No-107-114
Vineeta Chaudhary[Full Text PDF]
18An Analytical Study on Role of Secondary School Biology Text Books on Environmental Education.….Page.No-115-119
Jomol Jose, Navya K. V[Full Text PDF]
19Community Involvement in the Implementation of Right to Education Act -2009.….Page.No-120-126
Nimain Charan Mallik, Debendra Kumar Sethi[Full Text PDF]
20A Comparative Study of Status of Sports Facilities amongst Government, Government aided and Public Schools of Delhi .….Page.No-127-137
Rajesh Aggarwal, J. P. Sharma[Full Text PDF]
21An Analysis of Implementation of “Health and Physical Education Subject” as a Compulsory Subject in Government, Government Aided and Public Schools of Delhi.….Page.No-138-148
Rajesh Aggarwal, J. P. Sharma[Full Text PDF]
22Selected Health-Related Variable Profiles of Different Occupational People.….Page.No-149-154
Anindita Das, Shubham Hajaria[Full Text PDF]
23Somatotype Analysis between High and Low Achievers Female Boxing Players of Bagpat District.….Page.No-155-157
Ajai Kumar, Vivek Kumar[Full Text PDF]
24Significance of Daily Health Course of Therapy and Yoga Described in Ayurveda.….Page.No-158-162
Dhruv Bhalla, Vijay Francis Peter[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Feb 2022 Special Issue

Volume-12 / Feb 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 18                              

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Evaluation of in Vitrio Antimicrobial Potential and Phytochemical Composition of Some Medicinal Plants against Pathogenic Microbes in Kashmir, India….Page.No- 01-18
Tahmeena Hassan, R C Swami[Full Text PDF]
2Significance of Science and Innovation Schooling in Sustainable Development….Page.No- 19-25
M. A. Khan[Full Text PDF]
3A Note on Random Process….Page.No- 26-28
Syed Mujeeb Uddin, Kaleem A. Quraishi[Full Text PDF]
4A Study on the Awareness level of the Farmers towards Green Marketing….Page.No-29-37
Anil Mishra[Full Text PDF]
5Environment Pollution and Their Effects….Page.No- 38-45
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
6Academic Achievement In Relation To Emotional Intelligence Of Visually Impaired Adolescents….Page.No-46-52
Nihar Ranjan Mishra[Full Text PDF]
7Study of Left- Handed and Right- Handed Adolescent Students in Relation to their Ego-Identity….Page.No- 53-61
Mamta Kandpal, Dinesh Chandra Kandpal, Manisha Pant[Full Text PDF]
8Job Satisfaction: An Overview of Factors Affecting Teachers’ Satisfaction.….Page.No-62-68
Ramengzaua Kaipeng[Full Text PDF]
9Association of Certain Anthropometric Variables and Explosive Strength among Male Judokas….Page.No- 69-72
Deepak Singh Kushwah, Anindita Das[Full Text PDF]
10Impact of Eight Weeks Conditioning Program on Selected Physiological Variables….Page.No-73-78
Avijeet Rana[Full Text PDF]
11Effect of Selected Yogic Practices on the Mental Stress of Dysmenorrhea Patients….Page.No-79-83
Rojina Azim, Badshah Ghosh[Full Text PDF]
12Daily Practical Yoga for Better Health….Page.No-84-87
Rajendra Waman[Full Text PDF]
13Comparative Study of Aggression and Anxiety among Basketball Players.….Page.No-88-94
Suneeta Devi[Full Text PDF]
14English News for Listening and Reading Comprehension….Page.No-95-104
Sheri Kumar[Full Text PDF]
15Organic Farming: It’s Relevance to the Indian Context….Page.No-105-111
Prashant Kalta[Full Text PDF]
16Swami Vivekananda’s and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Five Essential Principles.….Page.No-112-117
Sunil Shivajirao Kamble[Full Text PDF]
17Revisiting the Heritage Materials of Sri Sridihing Na-Matisatra, Nazira.….Page.No-118-128
Bhaskarjit Saikia, Sangita Saikia[Full Text PDF]
18Distraction proneness in online learning environment: A study.….Page.No-129-133
Ruby Lalrinsangi[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2022

oiirj cover page

Volume-12 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 16                                                                                                    

                                                                       Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Description of the Microchannels Flow, an Application of the Theory of the Micropolar Fluid….Page.No- 01-11

Seema Goyal, Shalini Singh, Prabha Rani[Full Text PDF]


MHD Pc4 Magnetic Micropulsation with Kp values at low latitude in India….Page.No- 12-23

M.A. Khan & M. T. Khan[Full Text PDF]


Mangroves as Bio-shield in Coastal Conservation: A Case Study from Godavari Delta, India….Page.No- 24-35

Kalyani Bai Kunte[Full Text PDF]


Spatial analysis of Occupational Structure in Southern Haryana A Case Study of Rewari District….Page.No-36-41

Reena Rani, Satyaveer Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Socio-Economic Structure of Kharkhara Village of Rewari District in Haryana: A Geographical Study….Page.No- 42-51

Dayawati[Full Text PDF]


Tracing Archetypal Patterns in Le Guin’s Work: A Study of A Wizard of Earthsea….Page.No-52-59

Supriya Baijal[Full Text PDF]


The Autobiography of Omprakash Valmiki: A Dalit Writer’s Quest for Identity in an Indecent Society….Page.No- 60-66

Ruchi Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Physical Exercise on Stress Control: One Case Study….Page.No-67-75

Jennifer Boquimpani Caetano, Patrícia Maria de Azevedo Pacheco, Silvana Ambrosoli, Luís Antônio Monteiro Campos[Full Text PDF]


The Status of Life Skill Education in Secondary Schools – An Evaluative Study….Page.No- 76-88

Sanjay Dey, Amita Patra, Dillip Giri, Liji Anna Varghese, Daies Idiculla [Full Text PDF]

10 Self Handicapping Profile of Under Graduate Students in Kerala….Page.No-89-96

Selvamari S, Sarath Chandran R. & Simi M[Full Text PDF]


Parental Involvement on Primary School Students Achievement At Grade 7….Page.No-97-105

Dorababu Tadepalli[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Coordinative abilities to performance in Badminton….Page.No-106-111

Y.S.Rajpoot[Full Text PDF]


Health Consciousness Status of Male and Female Sports Person.….Page.No-112-115

Gajendra Bhadkaria, Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Nutritional Status of Government School Children of Rajasthan Jodhpur Region….Page.No-116-123

Arun Kumar Sharma, Aman Singh Sisodiya[Full Text PDF]


“Yoga based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for graceful landing of Menopause”….Page.No-124-133

Bindu KK[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Upper Body Strength and Endurance Ability of Sportsman Residing in High Altitude States.….Page.No-134-139

Madhurjya Baruah, Dharmender Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Volume-11 / Dec 2021 Special Issue

oiirj cover page

Volume-11 / Dec 2021 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 12                               

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Gingival Recession in Severe Burns and Its Management….Page.No- 01-23

Wesam Homouda , Mohammed Amr Hamdy Salem[Full Text PDF]


“The study of sub-lethal toxicity effect of heavy metal cadmium on serum   minerals profile of fishes mystus gulio”….Page.No- 24-29

Suvarna T. Rawal, Suryakant Umrajkar[Full Text PDF]

3 “The Sublethal Toxicity of Cadmium on Glycogen Levels in the liver (Hepatopancreas) and Muscle Tissues of Mystus gulio” ….Page.No- 30-37

Suvarna T. Rawal, Suryakant Umrajkar[Full Text PDF]

4 “The Sublethal Toxicity of Cadmium on Glycogen Levels in the liver and Muscle Tissues of fish Oreochromis mossambicus….Page.No-38-46

Suvarna T. Rawal, Suryakant Umrajkar[Full Text PDF]

5 Opportunities and challenges of work from home during covid-19….Page.No- 47-52

Ram Niwas Sangwan, Dayawati[Full Text PDF]

6 IT and ITeS Industry Growth in India : An Overview….Page.No-53-56

Anoop Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Stress of Senior Secondary Students in Relation to Their Gender, Locality and Type of School….Page.No- 57-62

Dinesh Pratap Tomar[Full Text PDF]

8 “Is the Prostitution Legalized in India? – View on Feminist Perspective”….Page.No-63-68

Shelar Shivani S [Full Text PDF]

9 Electoral Reforms in India….Page.No- 69-82

Ram Babu, A N Panda[Full Text PDF]


Analytical study of positive and negative leadership and its role on organizational growth….Page.No-83-91

Priyanka Singh, Sunita B. John[Full Text PDF]


Combined Effect of Plyometric and Mobility Training On Selected Physical Variables among College Women Players….Page.No-92-96

Keshabiona PadmaSree, Nagarjunasangem[Full Text PDF]

12 Covid, A Great Teacher: New Challenges For Teachers….Page.No-97-102

Dhareppa Konnur[Full Text PDF]


Volume-11 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2021

oiirj cover page

Volume-11 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2021 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 22                              

                                                                     Table of contents

Sr.No                                       Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Study of Radiative MHD Slip Flow of Williamson Fluid over A Melting Stretching Surface….Page.No- 01-20

Ravi Gupta, Manish Gaur, Praveen Kumar Dadheech[Full Text PDF]

2 ‘An Analytical Study of the Small Equity Investors in the South Konkan Region’….Page.No- 21-28

Bhave Atul Vijay[Full Text PDF]

3 A Block Level Study of Socio-Economic Disparities in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra….Page.No- 29-35

Vibha Kumar[Full Text PDF]

4 Landscape Modifications and Human Wild Conflicts in Chaliyar River Basin, Kerala….Page.No-36-47

Ratheesh Mon.P[Full Text PDF]

5 Mapping Built Heritage of Pune Urban City….Page.No- 48-57

Sanjay G Patil[Full Text PDF]

6 The Geographical Study of the Main Causes of the River Floods in Maharashtra: Climate Change, Contraction of River, Sludge Accumulation….Page.No-58-66

Khurche Rajendra D[Full Text PDF]

7 Impact of Covid-19 on Teaching and Learning ability across the Indian Education System….Page.No- 67-72

Ajit Vishwas More[Full Text PDF]

8 Post Covid Examination System: The Necessity of Scientific Question Bank Development in Higher Education….Page.No-73-81

Suresh Patil[Full Text PDF]

9 A Comparative Study of the Ethiopian and Kenyan Media Policy….Page.No- 82-96

Bereket  Wondimu & Spurgeon[Full Text PDF]

10 Annual Training Plan for Intermediate Level Badminton Players….Page.No-97-102

Pooja Beniwal[Full Text PDF]

11 Nutritional Assessments of Boys Belonging to Different Socio-Economic Groups….Page.No-103-110

Sarita Tyagi, Alok Sharma[Full Text PDF]

12 Analysing Blood Glucose and Blood Lactate in Basketball Players (Guards) During A Competitive Game….Page.No-111-119

Utsav Chaware, Anindita Das[Full Text PDF]

13 Isolated and Combined Effect of Aquatic Activities and Yogic Practices on Selected Physiological Variables among Physically Challenged Children.….Page.No-120-125

Deepak Singh Kushwah & Anindita Das[Full Text PDF]

14 Effect of Pranayama on General Motor Ability of Libero Player in Volleyball….Page.No-126-128

Praveen Kumar Sehrawat, Devendra Prakash[Full Text PDF]

15 Female Athlete and Female Non Athlete Students Mental Health and Level of Aspiration as Related to their Scholastic Achievement….Page.No-129-132

Praveen Kumar Sehrawat, Devendra Prakash[Full Text PDF]

16 Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Disabled children.….Page.No-133-137

Geetaben Ambelal Patel[Full Text PDF]

17 Comparative Study of Competitive Anxiety of Water Polo Players at Different Levels of Achievement.….Page.No-138-140

Yogesh S. Nirmal[Full Text PDF]

18 The Future of Braille in India: Challenges and Prospects.….Page.No-141-144

Manohar Sanmukhdas Vaswani[Full Text PDF]

19 Fairy Tales and Postmodern: A Bizarre Paradox.….Page.No-145-150

Jagmeet Kaur Bhatti[Full Text PDF]

20 Portrayal of Motherhood in Meena Alexander’s Poetry.….Page.No-151-154

Ujwala Vijay Patil[Full Text PDF]

21 Article for Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal Crime against Women: Issues and Challenges.….Page.No-155-167

Dakshata Bajpai[Full Text PDF]


Emotional Aspect of Product Design: An overview.….Page.No-168-178

Taral Harish Shah[Full Text PDF]


Volume-11 / Oct 2021 Special Issue

oiirj cover page

Volume-11 / Oct 2021 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 22                              

                                                                   Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Diversity of Common Juniper (Juniperus Communis L.) from the Typical Geographic Areas in Albania ….Page.No- 01-04

Agastra Arlinda, Ibraliu Alban, Belul Gixhari, Najada Kadiasi[Full Text PDF]

2 Anti-magic labeling of Triangular Trees….Page.No- 05-11

Manisha Acharya, Ganesh Joshi[Full Text PDF]


Motivation and It’s Relationship with Job Satisfaction and Job Performance – A Case Study of Teachers of State Universities in North India….Page.No- 12-31

Ruchi Atri[Full Text PDF]

4 Inclusion in Education for Better Future….Page.No-32-39

Subhash Singh[Full Text PDF]


Family Elements Associated with Learning Disabilities of Children: A Review….Page.No- 40-47

Kamaljit Kaur, Md Saifur Rahman[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Environmental Education Programme on Responsible Environmental Behaviour of Adolescents….Page.No-48-58

Neha Sachdeva and Sarabjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]

7 Education of the Marginalised….Page.No- 59-66

Kanan Sharma, Seema Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A Study Body Image in Adolescent and Young Females Based on their Physical Activity Status….Page.No-67-71

Gyanendra Bhai, Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Aggression among Contact, Semi-Contact and Non Contact Game Players….Page.No- 72-75

Dewesh Tewari[Full Text PDF]

10 Yoga Nidra – The Blissful Relaxation….Page.No-76-83

Shivesh Shukla[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Personality Factors among the four selected sports Disciplines at Inter University Level competition….Page.No-84-89

Vikas Tomer, Pardeep Kumar [Full Text PDF]

12 Surviving theory: Imagining literature….Page.No-90-100

Hemant Kumar Sharma[Full Text PDF]

13 Intolerance and Revolt in Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey.….Page.No-101-108

Ashwini S. Dhanavade, Shashikant R. Mhalunkar[Full Text PDF]


I Have My Own Life: A Study of Shashi Deshpande’s ‘Roots and Shadows’….Page.No-109-116

Indu Goyal[Full Text PDF]


Examining Gender Political Climate with center around Women and Family Relationships in Shakespeare’s Plays….Page.No-117-121

Vilas Ankushrao Nagpure, Gopal Sharma[Full Text PDF]

16 Self-acknowledgment of Ladies in the Books of Githa Hariharan.….Page.No-122-126

Sangeeta Namdeorao Bhoyar, Shailendra Kumar M. Nandagawali[Full Text PDF]

17 Food Culture in Shamsie’s Salt & Saffron.….Page.No-127-133

Shashikant Mhalunkar, Anita Vasant Ubale[Full Text PDF]


Diagnosing Psychoanalysis in Haruki Murakami’s novel “Norweigan Wood”.….Page.No-134-137

Ann Sharon J[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Crop Combinations in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh.….Page.No-138-146

Eswar Naik M., Karunakara Rao, M & Krishna Kumari, A[Full Text PDF]

20 Sedition in India-An Overview.….Page.No-147-154

T.Sita Kumari, Sreekar M[Full Text PDF]

21 Understanding Neurodiversity as an Emerging Culture.….Page.No-155-160

Geetha R. Bhat[Full Text PDF]


An Analysis: Mughal Era as the Benison for the Amelioration of Kashmir.….Page.No-161-166

Arun Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Volume-11 / Sept 2021 Special Issue

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Volume-11 / Sept 2021 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 05                              

                                                                     Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Ecological Concerns and Ecophilia in Kamala Markandaya’s The Coffer Dams….Page.No- 01-10

Shashikant R. Mhalunkar, Hemangi Nana Saindane[Full Text PDF]


Changing with Time: A Study of female characters in Shashi Deshpande’s novel, ‘In the Country of Deceit’….Page.No- 11-15

Parag Prakash Chaudhari[Full Text PDF]


A study of ‘Time’, ‘Space’ and ‘transculturation’ in Amitav Ghosh’s ‘The Hungry Tide’….Page.No- 16-21

Parag Prakash Chaudhari[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Magical Realism in Tim Burton’s “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”….Page.No-22-27

Ann Sharon J[Full Text PDF]


Layman’s Attitude towards Mutual Fund Investments, A Study with Special Reference to Kerala….Page.No- 28-31

Shaju M J[Full Text PDF]