Volume-13 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2023

Volume-13 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2023 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 18                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Effect of mutagenesis on emergenceand plant survival percentage in some varieties of Carthamus tinctorius L. (safflower)….Page.No- 01-04
Kale Kishorand, N.G. Kashid[Full Text PDF]
2Macrophytes Diversity of Chora Lake of Bhadrawati Tehsil, District- Chandrapur (M.S.), India….Page.No- 05-08
Harney, N.V[Full Text PDF]
3Subharti SLARC Longevity Code….Page.No- 09-21
Anand Shukla, Surabhi Gupta, Rajeev Ranjan Sharma[Full Text PDF]
4Corona like Other Biological Infection….Page.No-22-36
Anand Shukla, Surabhi Gupta, Rajeev Ranjan Sharma[Full Text PDF]
5ZigBee Technology and its Standards….Page.No- 37-42
Asmita Sharmaand Bharat Pal Singh[Full Text PDF]
6Mortality assessment caused by the Tropical Cyclones over the India during the year 2011-2021….Page.No-43-51
Anis Aayub Bagwan, Santosh Sadashiv Kamble[Full Text PDF]
7Reaching out the Dyslexic to offer support for building resilience and the Student teachers….Page.No- 52-61
Tanushree Mohanty[Full Text PDF]
8Multicultural Teacher Education for the 21st Century….Page.No-62-66
Swati Vasantrao Chavan[Full Text PDF]
9Slow Learner: A Meta Analysis of Researches in India….Page.No- 67-73
Narasingappa.H.N[Full Text PDF]
10English Language Proficiency among Secondary School Students in Relation to their Gender and Locality….Page.No-74-79
Shail Dhaka[Full Text PDF]
11Role of Wrestling Nurseries for the Promotion of Wrestling in Haryana….Page.No-80-82
Jatinder Kumar[Full Text PDF]
12Seven Weeks Training Effects on Selected Physical Fitness Variables of College Level Athletes….Page.No-83-85
Raj Kumar[Full Text PDF]
13Flexibility of North Eastern and Southern Senior Women National Level Soccer Players.….Page.No-86-92
Tashi Ongmu Bhutia, Tarak Nath Pramanik[Full Text PDF]
14An insight into the agenda of Gandhi’s Constructive Programme….Page.No-93-98
Amrit Kaur[Full Text PDF]
15Liberation or Confinement? A Study on Menopause in Women’s Existence….Page.No-99-115
Thasniya K T, Vahiba Nargese P S[Full Text PDF]
16Anita Desai: A Novelist of Social Concerns.….Page.No-116-120
D. B. Wankhade[Full Text PDF]
17Multiculturalism in the Novels of Jhumpa Lahiri.….Page.No-121-131
Wahajuddin Ahmad, Anupama D. Deshraj[Full Text PDF]
18Social Development and Public Utility Services : A Study of Hamirpur District of Himachal Pradesh.….Page.No-132-152
Anjori Sharma[Full Text PDF]