Vol IV / March 2014 Special Issue

Jan 2014 Special issue

Vol IV / March 2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers: 86

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Molecular Genetic Methods in Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Children….Page.No- 01-04

A.Starshinova, U.Ovchinnikova, N Korneva, V.Zhuravlev, I Dovgalyuk, P.Yablonskii[Full Text PDF]


Expression of P-selectin, TXA2, TGF-?1 and PDGF-AB in the Presence of Bioadhesive Chitosan Derivatives….Page.No- 05-14

Mercy Halleluyah Periayah, Ahmad Sukari Halim, Nik Soriani Yaacob, Arman Zaharil Mat Saad, Abdul Rahim Hussein, Ahmad Hazri Abdul Rashid [Full Text PDF]


National Weight Adjusted PAPP-A and free ?-hCG MoM Role in the First-Trimester Pregnancy Screening Risk for Trisomy 21….Page.No- 15-25

Emil G. Xhuvani, Aleksander P. Xhuvani, Anila K.Mitre[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis and Characterization Of [1-Methyl-3, 6 – Diazahomoadamantane -9- One] and some It’s Derivatives….Page.No-26-35

Abdel –Amir  M. Fenjan ,  Ansam. Faeak .Noaman[Full Text PDF]


Cloud Point Extraction spectrophotometric Determination of Iron by SALEN as Reagent in Some Environmental in Iraq….Page.No-36-45

Shaima Rhajab Bakir, Sana Rhajab Bakir[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis and Characterization of New Heterocyclic Compounds Containing 2-Amino -1,3,4 -Thiadiazole -5-Mercapto Ring….Page.No-46-53

Saad M. Said Al-Mukhtar,  Noor Nashaat Said[Full Text PDF]


The Extemporaneous Exam in Thoracic Pathology: How to Coincide the Pathologist’s and the Surgeon’s View?….Page.No- 54-56

Mona Mlika, Sadok Boudaya, Emna Braham, Tarek Kilani, Faouzi El Mezni [Full Text PDF]

8 Use of Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy in Artificial Teeth….Page.No-57-61

Israa Ibrahim, El Arabi Salaheldin, Mujahid Yousif [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Potassium Fertilization Rate on Several Vegetative and Yield Characters of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.), Grown under Two Different Agro-climatic Regions of Kosovo….Page.No- 62-69

Defrime Berisha, Elisabeta Susaj, Nikollaq Bardhi, Lush Susaj, Valmire Havolli, Salih Aliu, Imer Rusinovci, Bujar Neziraj, Arben Osmanaj[Full Text PDF]

10 A Study of Entomophagy in Mogonono in Kweneng District, Botswana….Page.No- 70-79

John Cassius Moreki [Full Text PDF]

11 The Procedural Aspects of Trafficking Examined by the Prosecutor….Page.No- 80-88

Elisabeta IMERAJ[Full Text PDF]

12 The Inclusion of the Roma Minority in Albanian Society ….Page.No-89-99

Sokol Bana, Erjona Canaj[Full Text PDF]


The Process of Proving for the Criminal Offenses of Human Beings Trafficking.….Page.No- 100-103

Elizabeta IMERAJ [Full Text PDF]


Important Developments Regarding Historical Phonetics

(The Contribute of Professor Kolec Topalli in the Typology of Accent in the Albanian Language)….Page.No-104-110

Meli Shopi, Denis Himçi[Full Text PDF]

15 Discourse Analysis (DA) versus Stylistics: the Main Distinctions….Page.No-111-120

Nassera SENHADJI [Full Text PDF]


The Autonomy of High Schools and Its Importance for Lifelong Education in Albania: A Comparative Analysis.….Page.No-121-127

Mirela Tase, Manjola Xhaferri[Full Text PDF]


Profile of Hematological Values in Menopausal Women….Page.No-128-130

Anjali  N. Shete, K.D. Garkal, P.R.Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]

18 Mental Illness, Depression and Coping Pattern in Women….Page.No-131-137

S.A. Kudachi [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Antioxidant Status in Carcinoma Breast Patients and Controls….Page.No-138-141

Deshmukh Pratibha R, Garkal K D, Shete Anjali N Ekka [Full Text PDF]

20 Clinico-Mycological Study of Onychomycosis in HIV Positive Patients….Page.No- 142-147

S. Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance in Gram Positive Bacteria Related to Upper Respiratory Infections….Page.No- 148-155

Naik N.V, Williamson M [Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Characterization of Ligninolytic Bacteria from Bharda Khar Agro Field of Bhilai-Durg….Page.No- 156-166

Sabiha Naz [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Ultrasonic Velocity and Percentage Deviation of Ternary Mixture of Cyclohexane, Toluene and 2-Propanol at 2 Different Temperatures….Page.No-167-179

J. Thennarasu, G.Meenakshi [Full Text PDF]


Added Iodide Ions (0.001M I¯) In 0.1M Sodium Hydroxide on the Anodic Polarized Zirconia by Faraday 1st Law and XRD….Page.No- 180-188

Padmaja J [Full Text PDF]


Biological Management of Sooty mold Disease on Butea Monosperma (Palash) at Jabalpur….Page.No- 189-195

Jaya Singh, Saurabh Gupta, Bharti Ahirwar and Ishwari Prasad Kori [Full Text PDF]


Regioselectivity and chemoselectivity in the synthesis of flavones….Page.No- 196-205

R.B.Kshatriya, J.K.Machhi, G.M.Nazeruddin[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Vermifertilizer on Soil Quality, Yield and Quality of Chilli, Capsicum annuum….Page.No-206-218

L.Jayanthi, J.Sekar, S.Ameer Basha, K.Parthasarathi[Full Text PDF]


Zooplankton Fauna of a Freshwater Pond in Bhadrawati Town of Chandrapur District in Maharashtra State (India)….Page.No- 219-226

Shashikant R. Sitre [Full Text PDF]


Utilization of Eisenia Foetida In Vermicompost Production At Rural Level Using Organic Waste of Plant Origin….Page.No-227-231

Shashikant R.Sitre [Full Text PDF]


Alterations in the Gonads of Labeo Rohita Exposed to Endosulfan At Sublethal Dose in Long Duration Experiments….Page.No- 232-240

Bhende  Archana M, Sitre Shashikant R.[Full Text PDF]


Biogeochemistry of Barium and other Elements from Certain Plant Species Growing on Barite Mining Area, Andhra Pradesh, South India….Page.No- 241-247

L. Chandra Sekhar Reddy [Full Text PDF]


A Study on prevalence of early childhood caries among children attending Anganwadi center in Udupi Taluk, Karnataka….Page.No-248-252

Sriram Chandramohan, Ravindra Pratap Singh[Full Text PDF]


Ovitrap Surveillance of Aedes Mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) in a University Campus in Chennai, Tamilnadu….Page.No- 253-257

Sriram Chandramohan [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Creativity of Male and Female Senior College Students in Chandrapur Taluka Reference to Their Achievement….Page.No- 258-261

Wasake P. M.[Full Text PDF]


A Geographical Study of Spatial Variation in Rural-Urban Sex Ratio in Solapur District of Maharashtra….Page.No- 262-268

Amol S. Shinde, T. N. Lokhande, Anita D. Muluk[Full Text PDF]

36 Regional Disparities in Literacy of Kolhapur District….Page.No- 269-278

Ratan V. Hajare, Baburao B. Ghurake [Full Text PDF]


Studies on Rotifer Fauna in the Panchganga river near Ichalkarnji M.S. India….Page.No- 279-283

S.P.Kamble, S.R.Patil [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Autoclaving on Chemical, Functional and Morphological Properties of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)  Starch….Page.No- 284-294

Karri Jagannadham, Ramanathan Parimalavalli and Ayenanpudi Surendra Babu[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Trophic Level Status of Freshwater Ecosystems of Bhandara District of Central India….Page.No- 295-303

R.N. Deshmukh, J.L. Tarar [Full Text PDF]


Analysis of customers’ assessment of various risk dimensions that influence the usage of internet banking: with special reference to Navi Mumbai region of Thane District, Maharashtra….Page.No- 304-310

Smita Mankar, S.B. Kishor [Full Text PDF]


International Accounting Standards – Better Auditing Performance….Page.No- 311-318

Greta Angjeli, Hysen Cela[Full Text PDF]


Corporate Social Activities by Banks and Insurance Companies – A selective Study….Page.No- 319-328

Vibha Chauhan, Jayesh Tiwai [Full Text PDF]

43 “Emerging Trends of Rural Marketing”….Page.No- 329-333

Meenakshi Yadav, Rashi Paliwal[Full Text PDF]

44 Banking System in India: from Bricks to Clicks to What Next?….Page.No- 334-340

Dimpy Handa,Gaurav Sehrawat [Full Text PDF]

45 MSME Growth for Inclusive Growth: Importance of a Vibrant Eco-System….Page.No- 341-349

Subhransu S Acharya, L K Vaswani [Full Text PDF]

46 Performance of Commercial Banks in India during Global Financial Crisis…Page.No- 350-356

Sudesh. Balwinder Kaur [Full Text PDF]


Mgnrega and Rural Development: An Empirical Study of Harak, Block in Barabanki….Page.No- 457-368

Kaushiki Singh[Full Text PDF]


HRD Practices in the Field of Disability Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Report across the Country….Page.No- 369-374

Salil Jandyal[Full Text PDF]

49 Topic: India Retail Industry-Its Growth, Challenges and Opportunity….Page.No- 375-382

Sarita M Samson [Full Text PDF]

50 Role of Tourism in Poverty Alleviation A Case Study of Kerala….Page.No- 383-390

Nargeskhatoon Bozorgaghideh, Resia Beegam.S [Full Text PDF]


A Study on Level of Environmental Awareness among College Students in Coimbatore District….Page.No- 391-394

K.Priya [Full Text PDF]


Study of Factors Affecting Students Attendance with Special Reference to M.B.A Program in Select Areas of Pune City (Maharashtra)….Page.No- 395-402

Rajashree Shinde, Krishna M. Sharma [Full Text PDF]

53 Economics: Goods and Services Tax in India….Page.No- 403-408

Divya Gupta[Full Text PDF]


Constitutional Validity of Narco Analysis Test under Article 20(3) of the Constitution of India with reference to Judicial Pronouncements….Page.No- 409-418

Kalpana V. Jawale[Full Text PDF]


Labour Welfare under the Factories Act, 1948….Page.No- 419-424

Vivek V.Jawale[Full Text PDF]

56 Trial by Media: Whether Outreach or Overreach?….Page.No- 425-433

Archana Priyadarshini[Full Text PDF]

57 Degradation of Morality in Teaching Profession ….Page.No- 434-442

Sandhya Lathwal [Full Text PDF]


Right To Equality And Contractual Liability Vis-À-Vis Government Contracts….Page.No- 443-453

Eesha Gupta,  Abhinav Tripathi[Full Text PDF]


Criminal Law and Rule of Law Syndrome in India….Page.No- 454-462

Priyanka Mohod [Full Text PDF]

60 Free Speech and Hate Speech Syndrome: Unprincipled Animate in Media….Page.No- 463-480

Pankaj P. Umbarkar [Full Text PDF]

61 Dowry System in India….Page.No- 481-491

Bhateri [Full Text PDF]

62 Development-Induced Displacement: The positioning of Women….Page.No- 492-500

Navleen Kaur [Full Text PDF]

63 Issues and Challenges of Privatisation of Higher Education in India….Page.No- 501-505

Sajad Ahmed.[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Curriculum for Secondary/ Undergraduate Teacher Education Programme in United States of America and India….Page.No- 506-515

Rainu Gupta [Full Text PDF]


An Effective Use of ICT Is a Change Agent for Education….Page.No- 516-528

G. R. Angadi[Full Text PDF]

66 Total Quality Management in Colleges of Education ….Page.No- 529-537

Tarannum Shaikh[Full Text PDF]

67 Yoga and Health Education….Page.No- 538-539

Handa Amita [Full Text PDF]

68 Quality Leadership in Teacher Education….Page.No- 540-544

Chandrakant Borase [Full Text PDF]

69 Higher Education in India: Challenges and Recommendations….Page.No- 545-552

Ravi, T. S.[Full Text PDF]


Emotional, Social and Educational Adjustment of Adolescents in Relation to Emotional Intelligence….Page.No- 553-557

Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]


The Religious and Social Scenario during the Sultanate Period ….Page.No- 558-564

Indu Rathee,[Full Text PDF]


An Approach to the Human Resource Development and Performance Appraisal of Teachers Working In Colleges of Education….Page.No- 565-574

Noorjehan N. Ganihar[Full Text PDF]


Work Motivation of Secondary School Teachers’ in Relation to Organizational Climate  ….Page.No- 575-590

Noorjehan N. Ganihar [Full Text PDF]


An Investigation of Secondary School Level Students Questions Construction Skill….Page.No- 591-598

Kachave Dhananjay Shrimantrao, Baviskar Chandrakant Ragho[Full Text PDF]


Supportive Teaching Strategies for Constructivism….Page.No- 599-602

Surve Meena Vasantrao[Full Text PDF]

76 Ethics in Research….Page.No- 603-605

Meena Vasantrao Surve[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Exercise Interventions on Anxiety and Stress of Menopausal Disorder Women….Page.No- 606-611

 K. Jothi, C. Jubilet[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Self Concept among University Level Male Players of Various Team Game….Page.No- 612-615

Vivek B. Sathe[Full Text PDF]

79 The factorial validity of Imagery Scale….Page.No- 616-622

Malika Sharma[Full Text PDF]


An Interrogation into the Relationship of North Western Himalayan Tribes and the Natural Resources….Page.No- 623-632

Mudasir Ahmad Lone [Full Text PDF]


Livelihood Issues of Unorganized labourers: with Special reference to the Rickshaw Pullers in Bilaspur City….Page.No- 633-644

Pratibha  J. Mishra, SumanLakra[Full Text PDF]


Awareness Regarding Work Simplification among Home Maker across Type of Family….Page.No- 645-648

Nabat Arfi[Full Text PDF]


In the Joy of Others Lies our Own

Altruism and Social Service of the Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) in the United Kingdom….Page.No- 649-665

Samta P Pandya [Full Text PDF]

84 Oral Tradition and Its Influence on our Living….Page.No- 666-668

Karle Jaya Ambadas[Full Text PDF]

85 Leadership: Meaning and Purpose….Page.No- 669-678

J. Sakthikumaar, P. Kiruthika [Full Text PDF]

86 The Geopolitical Implications Of Globalization On Nationalism And Religion….Page.No- 679-686

Enri Hide [Full Text PDF]