Vol IV / July-2014 Special Issue


Vol IV / July-2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers: 35

Table of Contents

Sr.No                                            Name of The Paper
1 Relevance of NSAIDs and the prevention strategies to gastrointestinal sides effects of NSAIDs….Page.No- 01-04
Aida Keci, Myftar Barbullushi, SH.M. SHuaip Beqiri, Inf.Erblin Hasani [Full Text PDF]
2 “Impact of Algae That Produce Biotoksina on Shellfish” Mytilus Galloprovincialis (Lamarck, 1819) Cultivated in Lake Butrinti”….Page.No- 05-13
Lavdi Hasani[Full Text PDF]
3 The Effect of Crossbreeding Sudanese Nubian Goats with Damascus Goats on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wool….Page.No- 14-22
Hashim A.M.Salim, Elfadil Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Elkarsany [Full Text PDF]
4 Community of actinomycetes in 42 species of animal feces….Page.No-23-38
Yi Jiang, Xiu Chen?Li Han, Xueshi Huang, Chenglin Jiang[Full Text PDF]
5 Seedling Production of Kiwifruit Using Hardwood and Semi-hardwood Cuttings in Greenhouses Under Controlled Atmosphere Conditions….Page.No-39-48
Gjovalin Gjeloshi, Bardhosh Ferraj, Tokli Thomai, Lush Susaj[Full Text PDF]
6 Effects of Phosphorus Fertilization Rates on Several Morphological and Yield Indicators of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) cultivar Agria ….Page.No-49-59
Defrime Berisha, Nikollaq Bardhi, Imer Rusinovci, Bakir Kelmendi, Lush Susaj [Full Text PDF]
7 Digestive System: Teaching and Playing….Page.No- 60-71
Roberta Abreu, Deivy Clementino de Lima, Amanda Nogueira, Érica Pinto, Izabel Christina Melgaço, Helena Carla Castro [Full Text PDF]
8 The Comparative Study of Active Cooperative and Problem Solving Methods with Prevalent Method in Schools Regarding Creativity Training on Subject of Physics Student….Page.No-72-79
Narges Razaghzadeh [Full Text PDF]
9 A Managment Plan toward Water Protection and A Guidance in Shkodra Lake Watershed….Page.No- 80-85
Greta ANGJELI, Dritan ARAPI, Mirela LIKA (ÇEKANI) [Full Text PDF]
10 Visceral leishmaniasis – A case report….Page.No- 86-90
R.S. Joshi, Sneha R. Joshi, Deepa Tekwani, Swapnil Bawa [Full Text PDF]
11 Study of pancytopenia cases in adults at BSTRH- a pilot study (1 year)….Page.No- 91-96
R.S. Joshi, Sneha R. Joshi, Deepa Tekwani, Swapnil Bawa [Full Text PDF]
12 Study of Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis With Special Reference To Cytological Diagnosis of Tuberculous Lymphadenitis At MIMER Medical College – Our Experience….Page.No-97-104
SmitaPathak, R.S. Joshi, S.R.Joshi, VaibhavPatil[Full Text PDF]
13 Carcinoma of Male Breast – Report of 2 Cases.….Page.No- 105-109
SmitaPathak, R.S. Joshi, Mangal Nagare [Full Text PDF]
14 Diversity of Nitrogen Fixing and Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria in Rhizosphere and Non Rhizosphere Soils of Chickpea and Sorghum .….Page.No-110-124
Sumangala Deshmukh, Dayanand Agsar[Full Text PDF]
15 Green Synthesis of Derivatives of Coumarin Using Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate as an Effective Catalyst….Page.No-125-129
Anna R. Anthony [Full Text PDF]
16 Interference exposure System for unauthorized User in Wide Network.….Page.No-130-147
Pradosh Chandra Patnaik, M V Ramana Murthy, S B Kishor[Full Text PDF]
17 Cloud Computing Survey and Development Trend….Page.No-148-156
Sonika U. Thakur[Full Text PDF]
18 Value Base Management Tool as A Lean Manufacturing….Page.No- 157-166
Shyam K Fardale[Full Text PDF]
19 A Study of Leadership Styles….Page.No-167-176
Aarti Deveshwar, Indu Aneja [Full Text PDF]
20 Indian Women Buying Behavior toward Branded Jewellery….Page.No- 177-183
Aarti Deveshwar, Rajesh Kumari[Full Text PDF]
21 An Input-Output Model For Energy Analysis: A Case Study of India….Page.No- 184-190
Mary Vimochana[Full Text PDF]
22 A Comparative Study of District Central Co-Operative Banks in India….Page.No- 191-199
Suhas Avhad, R.M.Chintamani[Full Text PDF]
23 Peer Pressure among Hostellers and Day Scholars….Page.No-200-204
Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]
24 A Study of Teaching Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to their Personality Traits….Page.No- 205-211
Umender Malik, Pramila Malik[Full Text PDF]
25 Teacher Trainees Perceptions: Teacher Education through Distance Mode ….Page.No- 212-220
Jatinder Grover [Full Text PDF]
26 Influence of Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity on Job Satisfaction: A study among Executives ….Page.No-221-225
Boddu Vinay Kumar [Full Text PDF]
27 “Health care of elderly and Gender disparity: with reference to Indian Society”….Page.No-226-232
Ashvini S.Patil[Full Text PDF]
28 Sustainable Development via Green Technology: A Patent Perspective….Page.No- 233-241
Rupal Rautdesai, Munnazzar Ahmed[Full Text PDF]
29 “Artificial Intellect-A Future Predator”….Page.No-242-249
Aarati Tyagi [Full Text PDF]
30 Women Are Source of Inspiration in Arun Joshi’s Novel “The Last Labyrinth.Page.No- 250-252
MangalaTomar[Full Text PDF]
31 The Role of Teachers in Higher Education for sustainable and Qualitative Enhancement of the Society: A Social Perspective….Page.No- 253-257
Reji George[Full Text PDF]
32 Comparative Study of Personality Characteristics of High and Low Academic Achievers of Different Streams of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University….Page.No-258-266
Sheikh Ishfaq Nabi[Full Text PDF]
33 Socio Economic Conditions of Women Scavengers-With Special Reference to Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (Bbmp), Karnataka….Page.No- 267-275
C.D.Venkatesh [Full Text PDF]
34 Instrument Landing System….Page.No- 276-286
Vellanki Vani Murthy [Full Text PDF]
35 Convergence of Indo-Russian Interests in Central Asia….Page.No- 287-293
Sunita Dhillon [Full Text PDF]

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Vol IV / Issue IV / July-Aug 2014


Vol IV / Issue IV / July-Aug 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 40

Table of contents

Sr.No                                                 Name of The Paper

1 Effect of Furrow Cross Section on Water Use Efficiency of Corn and Yield….Page.No- 01-06

Abd-Razzak Jasim, Alaa Salih Ati, Khalid Zemam [Full Text PDF]

2 Effects of Different Limestone Rates on Yield and Yield Indicators of a Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) Ecotype….Page.No- 07-16

Qatip Doda, Nikollaq Bardhi, Zyhdi Teqja, Gjergji Mero, Irena Kallço, Bujar Zeka[Full Text PDF]

3 Consumption: What Women Want (Kosovo Case)….Page.No- 17-26

Fellanze Pula, Ermira Qosja [Full Text PDF]

4 Leadership in Cross-Cultural Environments….Page.No- 27-35

Adem Shala [Full Text PDF]

5 The Republic of Kosovo: Northern issue and relations with Serbia….Page.No- 36-45

Adem Shala [Full Text PDF]

6 Association of Vitamin D Binding protein gene polymorphism with serum 25-hydroxy Vitamin D levels in COPD….Page.No- 46-55

Maheswari K, Mishra T K, Saroj Choudhary, Daga M K, Jamsheed Javid [Full Text PDF]

7 “A Clinical Study of Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI), Among Married Women of Reproductive Age Group (18-45years)”….Page.No- 56-61

Vasudha Sawant, G R Daiv [Full Text PDF]

8 Biobased Treatment of Ground Water….Page.No- 62-72

R.Padmapriya, C. Thamaraiselvi, M. Nivethini and T. Thirunalasundari[Full Text PDF]

9 Endophytic Streptomyces sp. BDUSMP R07 from Solanum trilobatum (Thuthuvalai) for the biosynthesis of bactericidal silver nanoparticles against multi resistant Enterococcus spp….Page.No-73-92

Periyasamy Sivalingam, Annavi Arjunan, Thandayuthapani Deepika, Chinnappa Nivetha, Manickam Muthuselvam [Full Text PDF]

10 Five Dimensional Bianchi Type-I (Kasner form) Cosmological Model in  f (R) Theory of Gravitation….Page.No- 93-100

L.S.Ladke [Full Text PDF]

11 -type and -type five dimensional plane wave solutions of Einstein’s field equations in general relativity….Page.No- 101-113

I.S.Mohurley, R. K. Jumale, J  K Jumale [Full Text PDF]

12 N-Dimensional Plane Gravitational Waves in Bimetric Relativity (IV)….Page.No- 114-121

I S Mohurley, J  K Jumale [Full Text PDF]

13 Lower Income Groups along the Water Course:  A vulnerability Analysis on their Social Capital….Page.No- 122-131

Soorya Vennila, Marijk Huysman, K Ramesh [Full Text PDF]

14 Risk Management in FX Transactions….Page.No- 132-139

M. Valliappan [Full Text PDF]

15 The Long Run Determinants of Inflation in India: A Co integration Approach….Page.No- 140-146

Pawan Kumar, Amit Kumar [Full Text PDF]

16 An Overview of Indian Management Problems and Solutions by Indian Ways….Page.No- 147-156

Atul E. Kharad [Full Text PDF]

17 Effect of Resistance and Endurance Training on Back Strength and Cardio-Respiratory Endurance….Page.No- 157-161

S. Chidambara Raja  [Full Text PDF]

18 A Review Paper on Information and Communication Technologies: Means to Enrich the Learning Environment in Early Childhood Years….Page.No- 162-173

Kamini Prakash Rege [Full Text PDF]

19 Re-thinking on Teacher Education….Page.No- 174-184

Pravat Kumar Dhal [Full Text PDF]

20 Well-being of High School Female Teachers in Relation to theirMarital Status and Personality Hardiness….Page.No- 185-192

Meena Devi [Full Text PDF]

21 The Pain of the Slow Learners….Page.No- 193-200

Ranjana Ruhela [Full Text PDF]

22 Happiness among Indian and Canadian University Students: A Comparative Study….Page.No- 201-205

Kamaljeet Kaur, Rajni Kumari, Radhakanta Gartia [Full Text PDF]

23 Need of Quality Curriculum for the Students with Disabilities in a General Classroom….Page.No- 206-212

Minakshi[Full Text PDF]

24 School Satisfaction among School Students….Page.No- 213-219

Surender Singh Rana [Full Text PDF]

25 To Compare the Effect of Structured and Non-Structured Training Programme on Psychosomatic Symptoms between Males and Females….Page.No- 220-225

Prashant Kumar Chauhan, Vishal Goswami [Full Text PDF]

26 Nutrition and Calculation of Calorie Intake for Sportspersons….Page.No- 226-231

Parminder Singh [Full Text PDF]

27 Competitive Anxiety of Indian University Cricket Players….Page.No- 232-235

Pankaj Pandey[Full Text PDF]

28 Assessment of Motor Performance Status of Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan Boy Students of 14-16 Years Age Group in North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal….Page.No- 236-244

Pradip Kumar Paul [Full Text PDF]

29 Petal Power – Traditional Karate A Weapon of Self Defense….Page.No- 245-246

Bhattacharya Kochar Puneet [Full Text PDF]

30 Employees’ Perception towards Tiered Compensation Management System of a Reputed Dairy Processing Company in Chennai….Page.No- 247-254

S.Praveen Kumar [Full Text PDF]

31 Socio-Political Analysis of the School Dropouts among ‘Paniya’ Children in Wayanad….Page.No- 255-260

Jipson V. Paul [Full Text PDF]

32 A study on Determinants of Marital Adjustment….Page.No- 261-269

Shanavas.P, P.V.Venkatammal [Full Text PDF]

33 Concept of ‘Lokasamgraha’ – Lokmanya Tilak’s Perspective….Page.No- 270-277

Manali Londhe [Full Text PDF]

34 Assessment of Mental Toughness among High and Low Achievers of State Level Yoga Competitors: A Comparative Study….Page.No- 278-283

Badshah Ghosh [Full Text PDF]

35 Effect of Indian Devotional Music on Students and Performers Measured with Electron Photonic Imaging….Page.No- 284-291

T. Indira Rao, Kuldeep Kumar Kushwah, T.M. Srinivasan [Full Text PDF]

36 Violating Inner Space, Ruining Aesthetic Body and Tarnishing Dignity: Gendered Sexual Violence by Recognized Militia of Modern States….Page.No- 292-301

Rajeev Bargoti [Full Text PDF]

37 Maxims of War and Selected Battles of Pre-Modern Period….Page.No- 302-313

Rajeev Bargoti [Full Text PDF]

38 Sanitation in Rural Area Schools: A study of Kathua District….Page.No- 314-320

Uma prasher[Full Text PDF]

39 Roots and Shadows: A Quest for Identity and Self Assertion….Page.No- 321-324

Reji George [Full Text PDF]

40 Impact of Sports in Relation to Socio-Cultural Factor Among Urban Society….Page.No- 325-329

K.Jothi, Senthil Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Vol IV / Issue III / May-June 2014


oiirj cover

Vol IV / Issue III / May-June 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 55
Table of contents
Sr.No                               Name of The Paper
1 Contribution of Educational Methods in Effective Retention of Clinical Skills: A Three Years Prospective Study….Page.No- 01-15
Adnan A.A [Full Text PDF]
2 Evaluation of Five Selected Traditionally Used Medicinal Plants for Breast Cancer Treatment in Nigeria: A Mini Review….Page.No- 16-27
Yusha’u Shu’aibu Baraya, Hassan Muhammad Yankuzo, Nik Soriani Yaacob [Full Text PDF]
3 Age and Gender Related Neuroendocrinological Abnormalities in Schizophrenics….Page.No- 28-36
Yalaga Rama Rao, Uma Devi P, and Murugan S [Full Text PDF]
4 Enhanced Adsorption Of Orange ?? From Aqueous Solution By Chromium Contained Leather Waste Modified With Cationic Surfactant….Page.No-37-48
Dunya Edan Al- Mammar[Full Text PDF]
5 Petroleum System of East Part of Ionian Zone in Albania….Page.No-49-65
Prifti Irakli, Mehmeti Nensi, Dauti Suela[Full Text PDF]
6 Evaluation of Productive Potential and Factors Involved In Degradation of Pastures in Albania….Page.No-66-75
Edmond Pasho, Luljeta Mine, Vasillaq Mine, Arjan Shumeli, Bashkim Lushaj[Full Text PDF]
7 The Differences of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Public and Private Employees in the Electrical Sector….Page.No- 76-83
Jonida Lesha, Mehdi Kroni[Full Text PDF]
8 Albergo Diffuso: Developing Tourism through Innovation and Tradition the Case of Albania….Page.No-84-91
Brunilda Liçaj [Full Text PDF]
9 English for Midwifery Textbook Development by Contextual Teaching and Learning Approach at the Midwifery Study Programs of Health Poly Technique, Health Ministry throughout East Java….Page.No- 92-105
Dwi Setiyadi [Full Text PDF]
10 Keeping Secrets Secret in the Post-Modern Era….Page.No- 106-114
Donald Bradt III , Frank Fuller [Full Text PDF]
11 Equality at work, a very good option for the integrity the city of Kruja….Page.No- 115-121
Manjola Xhaferri [Full Text PDF]
12 Effect of Different Types of Mulch on Maize under Guava (Psidium guajava) based Agri-Horti System….Page.No-122-130
Bhalendra Singh Rajput, Satyendra Kumar Maurya, R. N. Singh, Avijit Sen, Ram Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]
13 Row Spacing and Mulching Effect on Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Maize (Zea mays L.) under Guava (Psidium guajava L.) based Agri-horti System.….Page.No- 131-138
Bhalendra Singh Rajput, Nitya Nand Shukla, Avijit Sen, Ram Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]
14 Seed Mycoflora of Kusum (Schleichera Oleosa {Lour} Oken, Family Sapindaceae) and Their Frequency Variation during One Year of Fungal Infestation.….Page.No-139-143
Ajay Kumar Srivastava [Full Text PDF]
15 Neuroprotective role of Bacopa monniera on Serotonin/5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) in AD induced mice….Page.No-144-153
Kalyani Bai Kunte, Yellamma Kuna [Full Text PDF]
16 Synthesis, Characterization and Metal Ion Binding Capacities of Resin Derived From P-Nitro Phenol, Hexamine and Formaldehyde.….Page.No-154-159
P.K.P.Gaitry Chopra[Full Text PDF]
17 Future Prospects of Coastal Tourism in Eritrea….Page.No-160-172
Masihulla Khan[Full Text PDF]
18 Cloud computing, when it’s Smarter to Rent than to buy ….Page.No- 173-181
Vinod H. Shelke [Full Text PDF]
19 Challenges in Bio-Defense for India-A Plausible Approach….Page.No-182-191
Rakesh Bhargava [Full Text PDF]
20 Even Vertex Gracefulness of Book Bn when n is Odd….Page.No- 192-197
Manisha M. Acharya [Full Text PDF]
21 Bianchi Type I Electromagnetic Massive String Cosmological Model in General Theory of Relativity….Page.No- 198-203
S. D. Deo, G. S. Punwatkar, U. M. Patil[Full Text PDF]
22 “Education a key to Women Empowerment” Issues and Trends in Women Education in India….Page.No- 204-214
Mohd. Ashraf Ali, Umer shareef Sheikh [Full Text PDF]
23 Outward FDI from India: Trends and Patterns….Page.No-215-225
Showket Ahmad Dar [Full Text PDF]
24 A comparative Statistical Study of Production functions of the Sugarcane and Sugar with reference to Bardoli, Kamrej and Sayan Sugar Factories….Page.No- 226-236
Mohan.N.Mane [Full Text PDF]
25 Antecedents of Service Quality in Life Insurance….Page.No- 237-249
Javaid Ahmad Bhat [Full Text PDF]
26 Business Sustainability Issues and Challenges….Page.No-250-258
Parul Tomar [Full Text PDF]
27 Comprehensive Study of Business Process Outsourcing Practices in India….Page.No-259-269
Vivek Rajbahadur Singh [Full Text PDF]
28 Off the Budget Sources of Infrastructure Finance in India: Challenges and Prospects….Page.No- 270-278
Ishfaq Ahmad Thaku[Full Text PDF]
29 Determinant Affecting the Consumer Satisfaction with regard to Consumer Movement: an Empirical Study….Page.No-279-289
Punkaj Gupta [Full Text PDF]
30 Challenges of Women entrepreneurship in India….Page.No- 290-295
Kiran Yadav[Full Text PDF]
31 Foreign Direct Investment – Challenges and Opportunities….Page.No- 296-300
Suhas Avhad[Full Text PDF]
32 A Study on India’s Population Trend….Page.No-301-309
Suhas Avhad[Full Text PDF]
33 Efficacy of Intellectual Property Rights to Alleviate the Issues of Bio- Piracy ….Page.No- 310-315
Aradhana Nair, V.N Paranjape [Full Text PDF]
34 Global Perspective of Anti Trust Laws:
(With Special Reference to Indian Competition Act & Its Impact on Industry & Free Markets)….Page.No- 316-324
Krishnarao L Ukey[Full Text PDF]
35 UN Organs and the Extent of Separation of their Powers….Page.No- 325-341
Archana Priyadarshini .[Full Text PDF]
36 Deconstructing Violence against Women beyond Honour/Shame Schema in South Asian Context….Page.No- 342-347
Anamika Singh [Full Text PDF]
37 Status and Problems of Women – A Social Work Concern….Page.No- 348-353
BalasahebVyankatrao Darade[Full Text PDF]
38 Sido and Kanhu, Great Martyrs of Santal Hul in India: A Dispute in Scions….Page.No- 354-356
D. N. Garain[Full Text PDF]
39 Just War….Page.No- 357-364
Rajeev Bargoti[Full Text PDF]
40 Multi-Ethnicity: in Context of Srilanka….Page.No- 365-380
Rini Dwivedi [Full Text PDF]
41 Contribution of Rehabilitation Psychologists towards Differently Abled Children….Page.No- 381-388
Sukhwinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]
42 Various Stages and Innovations in Pre-Service Teacher Education Programs in India….Page.No- 389-396
Rishi Raj Balwaria[Full Text PDF]
43 A Study of Graphical Representation of Data In Social Science of Standard IX ….Page.No- 397-405
Rishi Raj Balwaria, Sushma Bavishi[Full Text PDF]
44 Attitude of Student-Teachers’ Heterogeneous Group towards Learning Statistics through Innovative Teaching Methods Like Student Centered Approach….Page.No- 406-411
Sangita Raghupatrao Bihade[Full Text PDF]
45 Study of Student Teachers’ Anxiety Level towards Utility of Cyber Resources in Practice -Teaching Of Mathematics –Method….Page.No- 412-417
Sangita Raghupatrao Bihade[Full Text PDF]
46 Comparative Study of Oral Proficiency of Gujarati and English Medium Students at Undergraduate Level in English Teaching Language….. Page.No- 418-422
Heenaben Bharatsinh Rathod, Rameshsingh M.Chauhan [Full Text PDF]
47 Teaching English Language through Approaches and Methods….Page.No- 423-430
Heenaben Bharatsinh Rathod, Rameshsingh M.Chauhan [Full Text PDF]
48 Impact of Melatonin Administration on Sleep Deprivation and Visual Reaction Time in Male Players….Page.No- 431-438
S. Velkumary, K. Chandrasekaran [Full Text PDF]
49 Influence of Extensive and Intensive Interval Training and Detraining On Anaerobic Power of College Men….Page.No- 439-444
K. Jothi, Amirtharaj [Full Text PDF]
50 Effects of Strength Exercises on Physical Variables of B.P.Ed Students….Page.No- 445-449
Krishna .R. Yadav, Sundar Raj Urs[Full Text PDF]
51 Exercise For Good Health: Benefits and Guidelines….Page.No- 450-456
Parminder Singh[Full Text PDF]
52 Impact of Silambam Training on Reaction Time and Cardio respiratory Enduranceamong Racquet Game Players….Page.No- 457-462
G.Vinod Kumar [Full Text PDF]
53 Comparative Effect of Different Heights of Depth Jump On the Vertical Jumping Ability of Basket Ball Players….Page.No- 463-465
Ashish Tomar, Vishal Goswami, Vikas Sharma [Full Text PDF]
54 Comparison of Vo2 Max between University Levels Basket Ball and Football Players….Page.No- 466-467
Vikas Sharma, Vishal Goswami, Ashish Tomar [Full Text PDF]

55 Comparative Study of Selected Physical Fitness Components of Basketball and Netball Players….Page.No- 468-470
Vishal Goswami, Ashish Tomar, Vikas Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Vol IV / May-2014 Special Issue

Vol IV / May-2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 55
Table of contents
Sr.No                                                Name of The Paper
1 The development of a tangible nano-composite dental material – A literature review….Page.No- 01-11
Norazita M.T, Zainal A. A, Farid C. Ghazali [Full Text PDF]
2 Plantar Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Developing Community….Page.No- 12-16
Wilson Onuigbo, Gabriel Ebagu Njeze[Full Text PDF]
3 Effect of High Concentration of Sodium Fluoride on Serum Lipid Profile of Male Rabbits: Hypolipidemic Effect of Grape Seed Oil….Page.No- 17-25
Khalisa Khadim Khudair, Awse Muhammed Ali Aldabaj[Full Text PDF]
4 A Comparative Study between Ceftobiprole and Vancomycin in treating Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (SSTIs) Due to Methicillin Resistant staphylococcus aureusin Mice….Page.No-26-35
Orooba M.S. Ibrahim, Ahmed Abdullah Najim[Full Text PDF]
5 Characterization and Selection of Predominant Yeast Strains Involved in Fermentation of the Rwandese Traditional Sorghum Beer “Ikigage”….Page.No-36-54
François LYUMUGABE, Emmanuel Bajyana, Philippe Thonart[Full Text PDF]
6 An improving Rheological Properties and Filter Loss of Water-Base Drilling Fluids Using Carboxymethyle Cellulose (CMC)….Page.No-55-65
Abusabah.E.Elemam, Rashid.A.M.Hussien, Ahmed.A.Ibrahim, Sumya.A.Mohamed[Full Text PDF]
7 Classification and Nomenclature Igneous Rocks of the ZahedanBatholith -South East IRAN….Page.No- 66-75
Behrooz Sahebzadeh[Full Text PDF]
8 Status of Iron, Magnesium and Zinc in ?Thalassemia Patients of Bangladesh….Page.No-76-83
Gazi Nurun Nahar Sultana, Hasina Akhter Simolkhter Simol, Rokeya Begum, Zakaria Shamim, M. Anwar Hossain [Full Text PDF]
9 Cattle Licked Soil Mineral Analyses at TswantshaCattle Post Area in the Boteti Sub-district of the Central District, Botswana….Page.No- 84-97
C.M Tsopito, M. Gubungano, J.C. Moreki [Full Text PDF]
10 Effect of Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) 3000 ppm on Rooting Ability and Vegetative Growth of the Vegetative Cuttings of Kiwifruit ….Page.No- 98-102
Gjovalin Gjeloshi, Tokli Thomai, Elisabeta Susaj[Full Text PDF]
11 Issues of Homonymy in Forestry in Albanian and English….Page.No- 103-110
Luljeta MINE, Arjan SHUMELI, E.PASHOa, Anisa QOSJA[Full Text PDF]
12 Study of Some Agronomic Characteristics of Nigella sativa that validates its Yield Potential….Page.No-111-124
Nazar Hussain, Syed Abdul Majid, M. Altaf Hussain[Full Text PDF]
13 The Quality of Banking Services through the Perception of Customers.….Page.No- 125-138
14 Practical Strategies to Eradicate Illiteracy.….Page.No-139-149
ZohreAfshari, FatemeShahraki[Full Text PDF]
15 Gliflozins or SGLT2 Inhibitors: Still More Questions To Be Answered….Page.No-150-169
Meeta A. Burande, Amit R. Burande [Full Text PDF]
16 Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant Activity and Flavonoids Analysis of Bulb Extracts of UrgineaindicaKunth.….Page.No-170-186
Sanjay Jagtap, RajendraSatpute, R.M.Mulani Chopra[Full Text PDF]
17 Ammonium acetate induced isolation of plasmid DNA….Page.No-187-191
Snehalata Majumdar, Aritra Chatterjee[Full Text PDF]
18 In vitro Rapid Clonal Propagation of an Important Medicinal Plant of herbal origin Ocimum americanum for Field Plantation….Page.No- 192-196
Deepak Mishra[Full Text PDF]
19 Shalya Tantra – The Ayurvedic Surgical Branch – A Literary Review ….Page.No-197-207
Tukaram Dudhamal[Full Text PDF]
20 Microwave Synthesis – A Potential Tool for Green Chemistry….Page.No- 208-214
Pravin A. Dhakite, Neelam S Kadam[Full Text PDF]
21 Irreversible Thermodynamics of Chemically Reacting System Subject To Temperature Gradient….Page.No- 215-220
Megha Sawangikar[Full Text PDF]
22 Study on fish infection in some the fresh water resources around Yavatmal, Maharashtra….Page.No- 221-225
Raksha Gujar,[Full Text PDF]
23 The Impact of Employee Engagement on Employee Empowerment….Page.No-226-233
K.Suresh Kumar, R.Arasu, Swaminathan Nagarajan, [Full Text PDF]
24 Synergy Assessment through Mapping Multi-Dimensional Competencies in an Auto Component Major….Page.No- 234-242
K.Suresh Kumar, Swaminathan Nagarajan, R.Arasu[Full Text PDF]

25 Green Marketing: How Green Are today’s Youth….Page.No- 243-247
Gaurav Sehrawat [Full Text PDF]

26 Dimension of Profitability performance of Indian Cement Industry- An Inter company analysis….Page.No-248-264
P.Vaijayanthimala, A.Vijayakumar[Full Text PDF]

27 Corporate World and Environmental Ethics: Some Issues….Page.No-265-277
Sangappa.V.Mamanshetty[Full Text PDF]

28 MSME : Pool of Employment in India….Page.No- 278-284
Kiran Yadav [Full Text PDF]

29 Review of fiscal deficit in India….Page.No-285-290
R.K.Datir[Full Text PDF]

30 Difference in Functional Thinking Styles of High, Average and Low Achieving Prospective Teachers….Page.No- 291-295
Ajay Kumar Attri[Full Text PDF]

31 Effectiveness of Computer Animated Package in Learning Mathematics among the Ninth Standard Students in Thootukudi District….Page.No- 296-302
K.Thiyagu [Full Text PDF]

32 A Study of Teacher Self-efficacy among Primary and Post Basic School’s Teachers….Page.No-303-306
Jignesh G. Patel [Full Text PDF]

33 Evaluative Study of Mid Day Meal Scheme in Punjab….Page.No- 307-316
Jatinder Grover, Kanwalpreet Kaur [Full Text PDF]

34 Environmental Awareness Ability Study of Higher Secondary School Students of Ahmedabad with Context to Gender and Stream of Study….Page.No- 317-323
Poonam Pandey [Full Text PDF]

35 Job Satisfaction of College Teachers in Relation to their Personal Variables….Page.No- 324-339
Dheeraj Kumar Pandey [Full Text PDF]
36 Small Hands, Big Responsibilities: Girl Child Labor in Domestic Services….Page.No- 340-346
Sonika Sen[Full Text PDF]
37 Relationship of Aggression with Various Dimensions of Friendship among Adolescents….Page.No- 347-352
Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]
38 Professionalism in Teacher Education….Page.No- 353-355
Vidyadevi R. Patil[Full Text PDF]
39 Quality improvement in Education….Page.No- 356-359
Vidyadevi Patil[Full Text PDF]
40 Achievement Motivation of College Students in relation to their Gender, Stream and Locale….Page.No- 360-367
S. Pany [Full Text PDF]
41 To Compare the Effect of Different Selected Meditation Techniques on Psychosomatic Symptoms….Page.No- 368-373
Prashant Kumar Chauhan, Vishal Goswami [Full Text PDF]
42 A Comparative Study of Body Composition of Chhau Dancers, Santhali Dancers and Manipuri Dancers….Page.No- 374-378
Biplab Mondal [Full Text PDF]
43 “The Study of Effect of Some Selected Exercises on Explosive Strength, Speed, Endurance and Agility of Soft Ball Players.” ….Page.No- 379-385
Suhas K. Khandwe[Full Text PDF]
44 Comparative Study on Leg length and Leg Explosive Strength of 14 and 15 Years Boys….Page.No- 386-391
Pradip Kumar Paul [Full Text PDF]
45 A Comparative Study of Muscular Strength and Body Mass Index between Physical Education Students and Police Trainers….Page.No- 392-398
Bhavik Mankodi [Full Text PDF]
46 Partnership and Its Role in Physical Education….. Page.No- 399-401
Amita Handa[Full Text PDF]
47 Awareness amongst Teli People about Their Reservation Right….Page.No- 402-414
Kandeel Kashyap[Full Text PDF]
48 Political Participation of Teli Caste in the Jammu and Kashmir….Page.No- 415-422
Kandeel Kashyap[Full Text PDF]
49 Communal Identity and Inter-community Perception: The Case of District Kishtwar….Page.No- 423-435
Arun Kumar[Full Text PDF]
50 Kantian Ethics and Jain spiritual-ethical conducts ….Page.No- 436-446
Pratibha J. Mishra[Full Text PDF]
51 Quest for Identity in Shashi Deshpande’s Novel: the Dark Holds No Terrors….Page.No- 447-452
Manoj Kumar Garg[Full Text PDF]
52 Synthesis of Action Devotion and Knowledge: Bhagavadgita’s Relevance to Human Activity….Page.No- 453-459
N.Suyanarayana (Dhanam)[Full Text PDF]
53 Framing Analysis of the Coverage of Mullai Periyar Water Conflict News in the Tamil Newspapers….Page.No- 460-467
S. Ragunathan [Full Text PDF]
54 Selected Jotedars of Western Dooars: Their Role in Spread of Socio-Cultural Activities….Page.No- 468-475
Sukumar Barai[Full Text PDF]
55 How to Decipher a Microbial Puzzle on Microbial Control: Hands On….Page.No- 476-490
Azevedo Maria-Manuel, Pinheiro Céline, Miranda Isabel, Baltazar Fátima [Full Text PDF]

Vol IV / March 2014 Special Issue

Jan 2014 Special issue

Vol IV / March 2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers: 86

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Molecular Genetic Methods in Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Children….Page.No- 01-04

A.Starshinova, U.Ovchinnikova, N Korneva, V.Zhuravlev, I Dovgalyuk, P.Yablonskii[Full Text PDF]


Expression of P-selectin, TXA2, TGF-?1 and PDGF-AB in the Presence of Bioadhesive Chitosan Derivatives….Page.No- 05-14

Mercy Halleluyah Periayah, Ahmad Sukari Halim, Nik Soriani Yaacob, Arman Zaharil Mat Saad, Abdul Rahim Hussein, Ahmad Hazri Abdul Rashid [Full Text PDF]


National Weight Adjusted PAPP-A and free ?-hCG MoM Role in the First-Trimester Pregnancy Screening Risk for Trisomy 21….Page.No- 15-25

Emil G. Xhuvani, Aleksander P. Xhuvani, Anila K.Mitre[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis and Characterization Of [1-Methyl-3, 6 – Diazahomoadamantane -9- One] and some It’s Derivatives….Page.No-26-35

Abdel –Amir  M. Fenjan ,  Ansam. Faeak .Noaman[Full Text PDF]


Cloud Point Extraction spectrophotometric Determination of Iron by SALEN as Reagent in Some Environmental in Iraq….Page.No-36-45

Shaima Rhajab Bakir, Sana Rhajab Bakir[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis and Characterization of New Heterocyclic Compounds Containing 2-Amino -1,3,4 -Thiadiazole -5-Mercapto Ring….Page.No-46-53

Saad M. Said Al-Mukhtar,  Noor Nashaat Said[Full Text PDF]


The Extemporaneous Exam in Thoracic Pathology: How to Coincide the Pathologist’s and the Surgeon’s View?….Page.No- 54-56

Mona Mlika, Sadok Boudaya, Emna Braham, Tarek Kilani, Faouzi El Mezni [Full Text PDF]

8 Use of Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy in Artificial Teeth….Page.No-57-61

Israa Ibrahim, El Arabi Salaheldin, Mujahid Yousif [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Potassium Fertilization Rate on Several Vegetative and Yield Characters of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.), Grown under Two Different Agro-climatic Regions of Kosovo….Page.No- 62-69

Defrime Berisha, Elisabeta Susaj, Nikollaq Bardhi, Lush Susaj, Valmire Havolli, Salih Aliu, Imer Rusinovci, Bujar Neziraj, Arben Osmanaj[Full Text PDF]

10 A Study of Entomophagy in Mogonono in Kweneng District, Botswana….Page.No- 70-79

John Cassius Moreki [Full Text PDF]

11 The Procedural Aspects of Trafficking Examined by the Prosecutor….Page.No- 80-88

Elisabeta IMERAJ[Full Text PDF]

12 The Inclusion of the Roma Minority in Albanian Society ….Page.No-89-99

Sokol Bana, Erjona Canaj[Full Text PDF]


The Process of Proving for the Criminal Offenses of Human Beings Trafficking.….Page.No- 100-103

Elizabeta IMERAJ [Full Text PDF]


Important Developments Regarding Historical Phonetics

(The Contribute of Professor Kolec Topalli in the Typology of Accent in the Albanian Language)….Page.No-104-110

Meli Shopi, Denis Himçi[Full Text PDF]

15 Discourse Analysis (DA) versus Stylistics: the Main Distinctions….Page.No-111-120

Nassera SENHADJI [Full Text PDF]


The Autonomy of High Schools and Its Importance for Lifelong Education in Albania: A Comparative Analysis.….Page.No-121-127

Mirela Tase, Manjola Xhaferri[Full Text PDF]


Profile of Hematological Values in Menopausal Women….Page.No-128-130

Anjali  N. Shete, K.D. Garkal, P.R.Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]

18 Mental Illness, Depression and Coping Pattern in Women….Page.No-131-137

S.A. Kudachi [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Antioxidant Status in Carcinoma Breast Patients and Controls….Page.No-138-141

Deshmukh Pratibha R, Garkal K D, Shete Anjali N Ekka [Full Text PDF]

20 Clinico-Mycological Study of Onychomycosis in HIV Positive Patients….Page.No- 142-147

S. Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance in Gram Positive Bacteria Related to Upper Respiratory Infections….Page.No- 148-155

Naik N.V, Williamson M [Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Characterization of Ligninolytic Bacteria from Bharda Khar Agro Field of Bhilai-Durg….Page.No- 156-166

Sabiha Naz [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Ultrasonic Velocity and Percentage Deviation of Ternary Mixture of Cyclohexane, Toluene and 2-Propanol at 2 Different Temperatures….Page.No-167-179

J. Thennarasu, G.Meenakshi [Full Text PDF]


Added Iodide Ions (0.001M I¯) In 0.1M Sodium Hydroxide on the Anodic Polarized Zirconia by Faraday 1st Law and XRD….Page.No- 180-188

Padmaja J [Full Text PDF]


Biological Management of Sooty mold Disease on Butea Monosperma (Palash) at Jabalpur….Page.No- 189-195

Jaya Singh, Saurabh Gupta, Bharti Ahirwar and Ishwari Prasad Kori [Full Text PDF]


Regioselectivity and chemoselectivity in the synthesis of flavones….Page.No- 196-205

R.B.Kshatriya, J.K.Machhi, G.M.Nazeruddin[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Vermifertilizer on Soil Quality, Yield and Quality of Chilli, Capsicum annuum….Page.No-206-218

L.Jayanthi, J.Sekar, S.Ameer Basha, K.Parthasarathi[Full Text PDF]


Zooplankton Fauna of a Freshwater Pond in Bhadrawati Town of Chandrapur District in Maharashtra State (India)….Page.No- 219-226

Shashikant R. Sitre [Full Text PDF]


Utilization of Eisenia Foetida In Vermicompost Production At Rural Level Using Organic Waste of Plant Origin….Page.No-227-231

Shashikant R.Sitre [Full Text PDF]


Alterations in the Gonads of Labeo Rohita Exposed to Endosulfan At Sublethal Dose in Long Duration Experiments….Page.No- 232-240

Bhende  Archana M, Sitre Shashikant R.[Full Text PDF]


Biogeochemistry of Barium and other Elements from Certain Plant Species Growing on Barite Mining Area, Andhra Pradesh, South India….Page.No- 241-247

L. Chandra Sekhar Reddy [Full Text PDF]


A Study on prevalence of early childhood caries among children attending Anganwadi center in Udupi Taluk, Karnataka….Page.No-248-252

Sriram Chandramohan, Ravindra Pratap Singh[Full Text PDF]


Ovitrap Surveillance of Aedes Mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) in a University Campus in Chennai, Tamilnadu….Page.No- 253-257

Sriram Chandramohan [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Creativity of Male and Female Senior College Students in Chandrapur Taluka Reference to Their Achievement….Page.No- 258-261

Wasake P. M.[Full Text PDF]


A Geographical Study of Spatial Variation in Rural-Urban Sex Ratio in Solapur District of Maharashtra….Page.No- 262-268

Amol S. Shinde, T. N. Lokhande, Anita D. Muluk[Full Text PDF]

36 Regional Disparities in Literacy of Kolhapur District….Page.No- 269-278

Ratan V. Hajare, Baburao B. Ghurake [Full Text PDF]


Studies on Rotifer Fauna in the Panchganga river near Ichalkarnji M.S. India….Page.No- 279-283

S.P.Kamble, S.R.Patil [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Autoclaving on Chemical, Functional and Morphological Properties of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)  Starch….Page.No- 284-294

Karri Jagannadham, Ramanathan Parimalavalli and Ayenanpudi Surendra Babu[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Trophic Level Status of Freshwater Ecosystems of Bhandara District of Central India….Page.No- 295-303

R.N. Deshmukh, J.L. Tarar [Full Text PDF]


Analysis of customers’ assessment of various risk dimensions that influence the usage of internet banking: with special reference to Navi Mumbai region of Thane District, Maharashtra….Page.No- 304-310

Smita Mankar, S.B. Kishor [Full Text PDF]


International Accounting Standards – Better Auditing Performance….Page.No- 311-318

Greta Angjeli, Hysen Cela[Full Text PDF]


Corporate Social Activities by Banks and Insurance Companies – A selective Study….Page.No- 319-328

Vibha Chauhan, Jayesh Tiwai [Full Text PDF]

43 “Emerging Trends of Rural Marketing”….Page.No- 329-333

Meenakshi Yadav, Rashi Paliwal[Full Text PDF]

44 Banking System in India: from Bricks to Clicks to What Next?….Page.No- 334-340

Dimpy Handa,Gaurav Sehrawat [Full Text PDF]

45 MSME Growth for Inclusive Growth: Importance of a Vibrant Eco-System….Page.No- 341-349

Subhransu S Acharya, L K Vaswani [Full Text PDF]

46 Performance of Commercial Banks in India during Global Financial Crisis…Page.No- 350-356

Sudesh. Balwinder Kaur [Full Text PDF]


Mgnrega and Rural Development: An Empirical Study of Harak, Block in Barabanki….Page.No- 457-368

Kaushiki Singh[Full Text PDF]


HRD Practices in the Field of Disability Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Report across the Country….Page.No- 369-374

Salil Jandyal[Full Text PDF]

49 Topic: India Retail Industry-Its Growth, Challenges and Opportunity….Page.No- 375-382

Sarita M Samson [Full Text PDF]

50 Role of Tourism in Poverty Alleviation A Case Study of Kerala….Page.No- 383-390

Nargeskhatoon Bozorgaghideh, Resia Beegam.S [Full Text PDF]


A Study on Level of Environmental Awareness among College Students in Coimbatore District….Page.No- 391-394

K.Priya [Full Text PDF]


Study of Factors Affecting Students Attendance with Special Reference to M.B.A Program in Select Areas of Pune City (Maharashtra)….Page.No- 395-402

Rajashree Shinde, Krishna M. Sharma [Full Text PDF]

53 Economics: Goods and Services Tax in India….Page.No- 403-408

Divya Gupta[Full Text PDF]


Constitutional Validity of Narco Analysis Test under Article 20(3) of the Constitution of India with reference to Judicial Pronouncements….Page.No- 409-418

Kalpana V. Jawale[Full Text PDF]


Labour Welfare under the Factories Act, 1948….Page.No- 419-424

Vivek V.Jawale[Full Text PDF]

56 Trial by Media: Whether Outreach or Overreach?….Page.No- 425-433

Archana Priyadarshini[Full Text PDF]

57 Degradation of Morality in Teaching Profession ….Page.No- 434-442

Sandhya Lathwal [Full Text PDF]


Right To Equality And Contractual Liability Vis-À-Vis Government Contracts….Page.No- 443-453

Eesha Gupta,  Abhinav Tripathi[Full Text PDF]


Criminal Law and Rule of Law Syndrome in India….Page.No- 454-462

Priyanka Mohod [Full Text PDF]

60 Free Speech and Hate Speech Syndrome: Unprincipled Animate in Media….Page.No- 463-480

Pankaj P. Umbarkar [Full Text PDF]

61 Dowry System in India….Page.No- 481-491

Bhateri [Full Text PDF]

62 Development-Induced Displacement: The positioning of Women….Page.No- 492-500

Navleen Kaur [Full Text PDF]

63 Issues and Challenges of Privatisation of Higher Education in India….Page.No- 501-505

Sajad Ahmed.[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Curriculum for Secondary/ Undergraduate Teacher Education Programme in United States of America and India….Page.No- 506-515

Rainu Gupta [Full Text PDF]


An Effective Use of ICT Is a Change Agent for Education….Page.No- 516-528

G. R. Angadi[Full Text PDF]

66 Total Quality Management in Colleges of Education ….Page.No- 529-537

Tarannum Shaikh[Full Text PDF]

67 Yoga and Health Education….Page.No- 538-539

Handa Amita [Full Text PDF]

68 Quality Leadership in Teacher Education….Page.No- 540-544

Chandrakant Borase [Full Text PDF]

69 Higher Education in India: Challenges and Recommendations….Page.No- 545-552

Ravi, T. S.[Full Text PDF]


Emotional, Social and Educational Adjustment of Adolescents in Relation to Emotional Intelligence….Page.No- 553-557

Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]


The Religious and Social Scenario during the Sultanate Period ….Page.No- 558-564

Indu Rathee,[Full Text PDF]


An Approach to the Human Resource Development and Performance Appraisal of Teachers Working In Colleges of Education….Page.No- 565-574

Noorjehan N. Ganihar[Full Text PDF]


Work Motivation of Secondary School Teachers’ in Relation to Organizational Climate  ….Page.No- 575-590

Noorjehan N. Ganihar [Full Text PDF]


An Investigation of Secondary School Level Students Questions Construction Skill….Page.No- 591-598

Kachave Dhananjay Shrimantrao, Baviskar Chandrakant Ragho[Full Text PDF]


Supportive Teaching Strategies for Constructivism….Page.No- 599-602

Surve Meena Vasantrao[Full Text PDF]

76 Ethics in Research….Page.No- 603-605

Meena Vasantrao Surve[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Exercise Interventions on Anxiety and Stress of Menopausal Disorder Women….Page.No- 606-611

 K. Jothi, C. Jubilet[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Self Concept among University Level Male Players of Various Team Game….Page.No- 612-615

Vivek B. Sathe[Full Text PDF]

79 The factorial validity of Imagery Scale….Page.No- 616-622

Malika Sharma[Full Text PDF]


An Interrogation into the Relationship of North Western Himalayan Tribes and the Natural Resources….Page.No- 623-632

Mudasir Ahmad Lone [Full Text PDF]


Livelihood Issues of Unorganized labourers: with Special reference to the Rickshaw Pullers in Bilaspur City….Page.No- 633-644

Pratibha  J. Mishra, SumanLakra[Full Text PDF]


Awareness Regarding Work Simplification among Home Maker across Type of Family….Page.No- 645-648

Nabat Arfi[Full Text PDF]


In the Joy of Others Lies our Own

Altruism and Social Service of the Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) in the United Kingdom….Page.No- 649-665

Samta P Pandya [Full Text PDF]

84 Oral Tradition and Its Influence on our Living….Page.No- 666-668

Karle Jaya Ambadas[Full Text PDF]

85 Leadership: Meaning and Purpose….Page.No- 669-678

J. Sakthikumaar, P. Kiruthika [Full Text PDF]

86 The Geopolitical Implications Of Globalization On Nationalism And Religion….Page.No- 679-686

Enri Hide [Full Text PDF]




























Vol IV / Issue II / Mar-Apr 2014

oiirj cover

Vol IV / Issue II / Mar-Apr 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 55

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Paper

1 The Prevalence of Tuberculosis at Butare University Teaching Hospital (Buth)….Page.No- 01-06Claude BAYINGANA, Pacifique NDAYISABA, Marie-Frrancoise MUKANYANGEZI[Full Text PDF]
2 A Prospective Study of Urinary Tract Infections in Some Group of Population in Tirana, Albania….Page.No- 07-16
Aurora Bakaj (Çizmja), Mirela Lika (Çekani)[Full Text PDF]
3 PeriuterineLeiomyoma: A review of seven cases….Page.No- 17-20
Gabriel Ebagu Njeze, Wilson Onuigbo[Full Text PDF]
4 Cardioprotective Role of Pometone (Pomegranate seed oil) on Electrocardiography in Methionine Overload Rabbits….Page.No-21-36
Likaa Najim Abdullah, Baraa Najim Al-Okialy[Full Text PDF]
5 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Studies of Carbon Steel alloys in Saline Water using; Zirconium Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Alumina Nanoparticles….Page.No-37-47
KhuloodA.Saleh, Haider A.Yousif Al-Mashhdani [Full Text PDF]
6 Predicting the Diameters and the Mass of Granny Smith Apple Fruits Using Growing Degree Days….Page.No-48-56
Dhimitri Papamihal[Full Text PDF]
7 Assessment of Some Maturity Indicators and Fruit Growth in Three Apple Cultivars….Page.No- 57-65
Dhimitri Papamihal [Full Text PDF]
8 Spinable Characteristics of Ecotype Sudan Desert Sheep Wool….Page.No-66-77
Elfadil Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Elkarsany, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Ahmed [Full Text PDF]
9 Breast Feeding Practices: A Predictor Based Study from Tiruvallur District, Tamilnadu….Page.No- 78-85
Jain Raj R, Sriram.C, Yasobant S, Venkatesh.R, Arun Mozhivarman K, Meliza Maria John[Full Text PDF]
10 Should We Go For Ipv Along With Opv Now As Poliomyelitis Is On The Verge Of Eradication?….Page.No- 86-87
S.V. Chincholikar [Full Text PDF]
11 Studies on Non-Cathethar Related Urinary Tract Infections from Assam, North-East India….Page.No- 88-94
Indu Sharma, Ane Laskar, Deepjyoti Paul [Full Text PDF]
12 Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Data Acquisition Device for Electroluminescence and Mechanoluminescence Measurements ….Page.No-95-98
Er. Ajay Singh, A. K. Gupta, P. K. Dubey, J. M. Keller[Full Text PDF]
13 Comparative study on length-weight relationship of Tilapia sp. at Rani Talab and Bansagar Colony Pond Rewa (M.P).….Page.No- 99-102
R.K. Singh,Vima Patel[Full Text PDF]
14 Icthyodiversity and Conservation Aspects in a Lake and River Ecosystems in Bhandara District of Maharashtra, India: A Comprehensive Study of Surface Water Bodies.….Page.No-103-112
A.D.Bobdey[Full Text PDF]
15 Aquatic Weed Biodiversity of a Shrinking Freshwater Pond Affected By Anthropogenic Activities in Bhadrawati Town of Chandrapur District (M.S.) India….Page.No-113-117
Shashikant R.Sitre [Full Text PDF]
16 Zooplankton Fauna Assessment of Naik Lake of Nagpur City (M.S.) India
Shashikant R. Sitre [Full Text PDF]
17 Avifauna Diversity in and around Wadali Nursery, Wadali range, Dist. Amravati, Maharashtra ….Page.No-124-131
Praveen Joshi[Full Text PDF]
18 Seasonality of Births in Piedmont Plain of Jalgaon District:A Comparative, Geographical Analysis….Page.No- 132-139
Salunkhe Kailas Namdeorao [Full Text PDF]
19 Economy of Water and Its Management….Page.No-140-147
A. K. Mahule [Full Text PDF]
20 Effect of Herbicides (Lasso and Basalin) On Plant Dry Weight and Number of Pods per Plant on Soybean (Glycine Max L.)….Page.No- 148-154
Madhulika Singh[Full Text PDF]
21 Study of the effect of invasive species on the development of grass meadows of Melghat Tiger Reserve, Amravati Maharashtra….Page.No- 155-165
U.R. Kokate , G.D. Muratkar [Full Text PDF]
22 Remediation of Domestic Wastewater by Using Algal and Fungal Mixed Culture: An Experimental Study….Page.No- 166-173
Ayodhya D. Kshirsagar[Full Text PDF]
23 Technology Assimilation and Continuous Evaluation Process in English Language Teaching….Page.No-174-182
Shalini Vohra [Full Text PDF]
24 Training Program Evaluation in the Field of Disability Rehabilitation – A Review of Literature….Page.No- 183-191
Manju Bhagat, Salil Jandyal [Full Text PDF]

25 Popular Culture and AIDS: The Role of Entertainment Industry in Impeding or Accelerating the Spread of AIDS….Page.No- 192-196
Shradha Kabra [Full Text PDF]

26 Working and Living Conditions of Workers in Unorganized Sector- A Review of Literature….Page.No-197-204
Surbhi Kapur, Prasana Kumar Sethy[Full Text PDF]

27 A Study on the Investment Behaviour of Public Sector Bank Employees in Dibrugarh Town of Assam….Page.No-205-214
Indira Kumari[Full Text PDF]

28 Law and Economics: Analysis of Land Acquisition Issues in India – Case Study of Singur….Page.No- 215-221
Divya Gupta[Full Text PDF]

29 Household Human Development Index in Lakshadweep….Page.No-222-230
Sahadudheen I [Full Text PDF]

30 Export of Onion and Price Fluctuation in India….Page.No- 231-235
Vijay B. Bairagi[Full Text PDF]

31 Assessment of the Performance of India’s Food Grains Production
….Page.No- 236-240
R.K Datir[Full Text PDF]

32 Analytical study of Energy Intake and Expenditure of Male Judokas & Long Distance Runners….Page.No-241-245
Parminder Singh[Full Text PDF]

33 Comparative Study of Physical Fitness and Psychological Variables of Softball and Cricket Players….Page.No- 246-251
Parminder Singh[Full Text PDF]

34 Effect of Pre Cooling and Warm up Programme on Speed Performance….Page.No- 252-256
K. Jothi [Full Text PDF]

35 Effect of Sub Maximal Exercise on Blood Lactate on Different Age Groups of Women….Page.No- 257-263
K.Jothi .[Full Text PDF]
36 Comparison of Attitude Control among the Soccer Player of West Zone Intervarsity….Page.No- 264-268
Pawan Gusain[Full Text PDF]
37 Study on Health Related Physical Fitness of Schools Aged Boys of Srinagar (Garhwal)….Page.No- 269-271
Pawan Gusain [Full Text PDF]
38 Students’ Desire for Learning in Healthful Living: Health Educators’ Role in Changing Desire to Positive Health Behaviour….Page.No- 272-280
Evelyn Nwanebe Nwagu[Full Text PDF]
39 Management of Stress through Yoga Practice in Academic Performance of College Students….Page.No- 281-284
Mane Satish R, Deokar Rekha R, Kambale Shubhangi R[Full Text PDF]
40 Factors Influencing Sexual Health of Persons with Disabilities in India….Page.No- 285-301
Poornima, R, Reddy, G. L.[Full Text PDF]
41 Investigating Qualitative Aspect of Life Long Learning: Comparing In-Service Teachers by Demographic Variables….Page.No- 302-312
Prabha Vig, Komal Sharma[Full Text PDF]
42 A Study of Difficulties in Teaching Mathematics of Secondary School Level of Miraj City….Page.No- 313-320
Khamkar Satwashila Balaso [Full Text PDF]
43 Politics of Education System….Page.No- 321-325
Rajeev Bargoti, Alka Tomar[Full Text PDF]
44 A Critical Study of Mahila Samakhyas as a Movement for Feminist Identity in North India….Page.No- 326-336
Sushma Pandey[Full Text PDF]
45 A critical Analysis of “The Hindu View of Life” by Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan….Page.No- 337-339
P Sreenivasulu Reddy [Full Text PDF]
46 Raja Rao’s Kanthapura; Gandhiji’s Influence on the Villagers and Their Participation in the Freedom Struggle….. Page.No- 340-344
C. Raghavendra[Full Text PDF]
47 Approaches in Teaching Literature through Language ….Page.No- 345-348
M Latha, G Mohana Charyulu [Full Text PDF]
48 Vijay Tendulkar’s Silence the Court is in Session; Exploration of a Woman’s Pain and Predicament….Page.No- 349-353
G.Kiran Kumar Reddy[Full Text PDF]
49 Formulating the Facets of Feminism….Page.No- 354-367
Madhavi Pimple, Renuka roy[Full Text PDF]
50 Characteristics of Oral- Written Discourse Through Pictures as an Educational Means….Page.No- 368-373
Migena Alimehmeti [Full Text PDF]
51 Role of Law in Emancipation of Woman….Page.No- 374-387
Archana Priyadarshini,[Full Text PDF]
52 Changing Face of Human Rights in the Present Scenario….Page.No- 388-392
Vishal Mahalwar[Full Text PDF]
53 Dr. B. R.Ambedkar’sQuest for Gender Equality It’s Relevance in Contemporary Feminist Discourse….Page.No- 393-400
Bijay K. Barnwal[Full Text PDF]
54 Adivasi Tribe : Nature And Concept….Page.No- 401-406
Shivadas Shirsath[Full Text PDF]
55 Female Solidarity in Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter….Page.No- 407-411
Jayant S. Cherekar [Full Text PDF]

Vol IV / Jan 2014 Special Issue

Vol IV / Jan 2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers: 55

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Modified Biological and Chemical Properties of Healthy Blood in Blood Bank….Page.No- 01-09

Fouad Houssein Kamel, Hero Omar Hamad, Tahseen Abdah Abdullah, Saleem Saaed Qader [Full Text PDF]

2 Microbial Deterioration of Historical Textiles and Approaches for Their Control….Page.No- 10-17

Fouad H. Kamel, Hero M. Ismael, Sayran A.Mohammadamin [Full Text PDF]


Re-Dilution Effects and Arginine Addition for Activation Poor Post- Thaw Motility of Sperms for Holstein Bulls Born in Iraq….Page.No- 18-26

Kreem Iwaid AL-Badry [Full Text PDF]


Risk of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV among Women on Triple Antiretroviral Drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa: Limitations of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies….Page.No-27-36

Alliance Nikuze, Anna Mia Ekstr?m, Joel Monárrez-Espino [Full Text PDF]


Effects of Physical Activity, Body Weight, Dairy Intake and Life Style Factors on Bone Mass Density in a Cohort of Young Women of a Public Sector University….Page.No-37-48

Samina Rafique,  Waseem Sarwar [Full Text PDF]


The Role of Natural Products in Coronary Artery Diseases Caused By Hyperlipidemia….Page.No-49-65

Dina M. Abo-Elmatty, Atef E. Abd El-Baky, Hashem A. Hassanean, Mohamed S Othman, Mohamed M Hafez [Full Text PDF]


Oxidative Stress Markers and Homocysteine Alteration in Hyperlipidemic Rats: Role of Cinnamon and Gingerin Treatment of Coronary Artery Diseases….Page.No- 66-85

Dina M. Abo-Elmatty, Atef E. Abd El-Baky, Hashem A. Hassanean, Mohamed M Hafez [Full Text PDF]


Fetal Outcome in Pre-Eclamptic Women with High Serum Uric Acid Level….Page.No-86-95

Nirmila Devi, Naushaba Rizwan, Saira Dars [Full Text PDF]


The Expected Impacts of Climate Changes to the Transboundary Water Resources in Vjosa River Catchment, Albania….Page.No- 96-103

Arben Petto, Matilda Merkohasanaj, Arvjen Lushaj, Miriam Bogdani-Ndini, Arnisa Lushaj, Bashkim Mal Lushaj, Eneida Isufaj, Spahi Isufaj, Elma Kodra, Enkelejda Sopaj, Eglantina Demiraj-Bruçi, Adesa Boja, Sotiraq Pandazi, Klodian Sina, Admir Seci  [Full Text PDF]


Implementation of Bioclimatic Principles in the Design of Urban Open Space for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development of Ecotourism in Lalzi Bay, Durres County, Albania….Page.No- 104-121

Arben Petto,Arvjen Lushaj, Arnisa Lushaj, Endrit Tuzi, Anes Gjipali, Ira Dafa,Sunitha N. Seenappa, Georgia Butina-Watson,Bashkim Lushaj,Vera Malsia [Full Text PDF]


Ecotourism and Sustainable Development of Forests and Forest Villages in Valbona National Park, Tropoja District, Albania….Page.No- 122-165

Vera Malsia, Rexhë Byberaj, Arben Petto,Arvjen Lushaj, Arnisa Lushaj, Sunitha N. Seenappa, Georgia Butina-Watson, Anes Gjipali, Ira Dafa,Bashkim Lushaj, Admir Seci, Blerant Lushaj, Mercedes Hunt [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Performance of the Poverty Alleviation Component of Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development Support Programme in Letlhakeng Sub-district, Botswana….Page.No-166-179

John Cassius Moreki,Tshwaragano Kopano [Full Text PDF]


Predicting the Diameters and the Mass of Apple Fruits using Growing Degree Days.….Page.No- 180-189

Dhimitri Papamihal [Full Text PDF]


Characteristic Exponent for the Stability of L4 in Photo-Gravitational Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies….Page.No-190-195

D.N.Garain [Full Text PDF]


Characteristic Exponent for the Stability of L5 in Photo-Gravitational Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies….Page.No-196-201

D.N.Garain [Full Text PDF]

16 Studies on Heavy Metal Contamination in Mithi River, Mumbai.….Page.No-202-216

Aarti S. Nagarsekar, Umesh B. Kakde [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Effect of Some Herbal Extracts on Dental Caries Pathogens and Oral Health….Page.No-217-221

Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Preety Prasad [Full Text PDF]


Synergistic and antagonistic response of insecticide combinations on Hapalosiphon stuhlmanii (Cyanobacteria)….Page.No-222-226

B.S.Giriyappanavar [Full Text PDF]

19 Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia :  An Important Medicinal Plant used by tribes of North – East part of Chhattisgarh….Page.No-227-231

Amia Ekka, Neelam Sanjeev Ekka [Full Text PDF]


Micropropagation of an Important Medicinal Plant Ocimum sanctum for Field Plantation ….Page.No- 232-236

Deepak Mishra, Arpita Awasthi, Rashmi Arnold, Pratima Mishra[Full Text PDF]


Chromatographic Finger Print Analysis, Phyto-Chemical and Microbicidal Screening, of an Important Medicinal Plant of Vindhya Region – Santalum Album Linn ….Page.No- 237-246

Mishra Deepak, Mishra Pratima, Awasthi Arpita [Full Text PDF]


Mycorrhizal Biodiversity in Some Grass Species of Anamalai Hills, Tamilnadu, India….Page.No- 247-255

Rehana banu, H, N. Nagarajan[Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Identification of Staphylococcus Aureus from Bovine Mastitis Milk and Their Drug Resistance Patterns in Silchar Town Dairy Farms, N.E India….Page.No-256-260

Indu Sharma, A. Brinty [Full Text PDF]


Microbial Bioremediation of Pesticide Residues in Tea Soil….Page.No- 261-275

Pratibha Huidrom, G. D. Sharma[Full Text PDF]


“A Study For prediction of Water Quality of Non-Reserved Ponds of Bhilai-Durg Regions for Various Purpose”….Page.No- 276-284

Sabiha Naz [Full Text PDF]

26 A Review: “Health Benefits of Mushrooms”….Page.No- 285-291

Sabiha Naz [Full Text PDF]


Mechanoluminescence in Organic Crystalline Solid….Page.No-292-296

Neha Tiwari, Er. Ajay Singh[Full Text PDF]


Immediate Effect of Alternate Nostril Breathing On Cardiovascular Parameters and Reaction Time….Page.No- 297-302

Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Meena Ramanathan, Madanmohan[Full Text PDF]


Significance of Performance Appraisal System in Improving the Efficiency of Nursing Personnel toward Patient Care….Page.No-303-307

Sher Singh Morodiya [Full Text PDF]


Synthesis, Characterization and biological activity of Cd(II), MoO2(VI), Th(IV) and ZrO(IV) complexes of Butanamide 3-oxo-N-phenyl-2-(4-nitro phenyl hydrazono) ….Page.No- 308-315

Deepa. D. Parab [Full Text PDF]


Vegetarian Diet: Food That Functions….Page.No- 316-319

Amita Handa[Full Text PDF]

32 Studies on the Parameters of Potato Processing….Page.No-320-333

Vipul Prakash Saran, Poonam Chhabra [Full Text PDF]


Relief and Human Intervention Are Major Reason for Flood and Drought: A Case Study of Birbhum….Page.No- 334-341

Prolay Mondal [Full Text PDF]


Land use and Cropping Pattern in Kolhapur District….Page.No- 342-348

R.V.Hajare, Tejas Jaykar, Vishal Patil, Anita Magdum [Full Text PDF]

35 Determinants of Migration- A review of literature….Page.No- 349-357

B .Chandra Mohan Patnaik, Ipseeta Satpathy, Anirban Mandal.[Full Text PDF]


Retail Revolution in Rural Markets:  A Case Study of ‘Shiram Groups’, Retail Malls for Farmers ….Page.No- 358-364

Madhulika  Ajay  Sonawane [Full Text PDF]


Increased Import Duty on China Silk – Shutdown the Handloom Industry….Page.No- 365-369

R.Vijayabhaskar [Full Text PDF]

38 Corporate social reporting Practices in Auto industry in India and Iran ….Page.No- 370-376

Saeed Nasiri, G. Raju [Full Text PDF]


Banking Now and Then….Page.No- 377-380

Rajashekhar  O. Patil [Full Text PDF]


The Importance of Physical Activity in the Elderly, and the Benefit in the Cholesterol and Triglycerides Values….Page.No- 381-389

Samuel Honório,Marco Batista,Júlio Martins, João Brito[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yogic Practices and Physical Activity on Selected Biochemical Variables among Sedentary Men….Page.No- 390-395

K. Jothi [Full Text PDF]


Attitude of Physical Education Examinees towards Newly Changed NET Examination Pattern….Page.No- 396-400

Tanveer Ahmad Bhat [Full Text PDF]

43 Analysis the Status of the Inter University Sports and Games of Men and Women of University of Madras from 2000-2001….Page.No- 401-412

S. Selvam, J.P. Sukumar [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Teaching Aptitude and Intelligence between Various Professional Teaching Training Courses ….Page.No- 413-419

Tanuja S. Raut [Full Text PDF]


Status of Women in India….Page.No- 420-424

Kalpana Modi  [Full Text PDF]


Study Related to Challenges Faced by Teachers towards Use of ICT in Management of School…Page.No- 425-435

Poonam, Shashi Bala [Full Text PDF]

47 Socio-Legal Causes of Trafficking In Bangladesh: An Overview….Page.No- 436-443

Md. Habib Alam [Full Text PDF]

48 The Rule of Law and the Readiness of India….Page.No- 444-470

Archana Priyadarshini[Full Text PDF]


An Assessment of Communicative Competence in Polytechnic Students….Page.No- 471-477

Sunita S. Patil, J.B. Patil[Full Text PDF]

50 The Fragrance of Fancies and Facts Flourished In Indian Writing in English….Page.No- 478-480

D. B.Wankhade [Full Text PDF]


Human Dignity and its consequences in the Holy Quran….Page.No- 481-486

Irshad Ahmad [Full Text PDF]

52 Relative Economics: An Ethical Approach of Economics….Page.No- 487-492

B.R.Dugar [Full Text PDF]


Professor K. G. Kundanagar’s Contributions to the History and Culture of Karnataka….Page.No- 493-496

T. V. Adivesha[Full Text PDF]


Contributions of Karnataka Vidhya Vardhak Sangha (1890) – Dharwad ….Page.No- 497-499

T. V. Adivesha [Full Text PDF]


“HIV as A Social Stigma” Sociological Study of Tirupati Urban Tirupati….Page.No- 500-507

B. Raveendra Naik, M. Ravindranad [Full Text PDF]




















Vol IV / Issue I / Jan-Feb 2014

oiirj cover

Vol IV / Issue I / Jan-Feb 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers: 55

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Isolation and Purification of Extracellular Toxic Complex Produced From KlebsiellaPneumonia K2and Determined Lethal Dose (LD50) in Mice….Page.No- 01-13

Essam F. Al-Jumaily, Yasir A.J. Al-Soundany[Full Text PDF]


Low Serum Magnesium Level is one of the Predisposing Factor for Development of Diabetic Retinopathy….Page.No- 14-18

Ali Raza Memon, Muhammad Yousuf Memon, Ashok Kumar Narsani, Nasreen Kazi, Abdul Sattar Khan[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis And Characterization of New Complexes of 2(Benzo[d] Thiazol-2-Ylamino)-2-(2-Hydroxy-Phenyl) Acetonitrile Ligand with Some Divalent Transition Metal Ions….Page.No- 19-29

Mohammed H. A. Al-Amery [Full Text PDF]


Evolution of Malaria at Butare University Teaching Hospital (Buth) From 2006 to 2010….Page.No-30-37

Claude BAYINGANA, Wellars SIBONIYO, Marie-Frrancoise MUKANYANGEZI[Full Text PDF]


Direct and restoring mutations in the light of Mutual Information of the HIV-1 alternative splicing sites….Page.No-38-44

Rochel Pergamentz [Full Text PDF]


Leiomyoma of Breast: Comparative Study of Age Incidence in Different Countries….Page.No-45-46

Wilson Onuigbo,Gabriel Njeze [Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Yarn Input Tension on Knitted Fabric Properties….Page.No- 47-53

Elfadil M. M. A. Elkarsany, Amel A. Magboul [Full Text PDF]

8 Review on the New Prospects for Textiles and Clothing Industry….Page.No-54-60

Elawad F. Elfaki, Amel A/Gaffar Magboul, Eshag A. Ibrahim[Full Text PDF]


Impact of biodiversity (pedo-fauna) in the biological qualities of soil in biological and conventional agro-ecosystems, in apple tree (Malus domestica)….Page.No- 61-69

Albert Kopali; Belul Gixhari;  Hekuran Vrapi,  Hairi Ismaili; Rexhep Uka[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Albanian Local Pea (Pisum Sativum L.) Diversity Based On Morphological Data and Molecular Markers….Page.No- 70-82

Belul Gixhari; Albert Kopali ; Hairi Ismaili; Hekuran Vrapi;  Rexhep Uka; Petr Smykal[Full Text PDF]


Computation of L3 in 2+2 Body Problem When Perturbation Effects Act in Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces, Small Primary is a Radiating Body and Bigger Primary is a Triaxial Rigid Body….Page.No- 83-91

Ziaul Hoquea,  D. N. Garainb [Full Text PDF]


Computation of L2 in 2+2 Body Problem When Perturbation Effects Act in Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces, Small Primary is a Radiating Body and Bigger Primary as a Triaxial Rigid Body….Page.No-92-100

Ziaul Hoque, D. N. Garain [Full Text PDF]


Docking Analysis of Derivatives of Moronic Acid and Betulonic Acid against Oral Herpes Simplex Type-1.….Page.No- 101-114

Ginni Singh, Abheek Chaudhuri [Full Text PDF]


Petrographic Study around Vallanadu Area, Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu, India….Page.No-115-136

Manimaran D, aBesheliya J, Manimaran G [Full Text PDF]


Conservation of Olive Ridley through community participation: A Case Study of Velas, Ratnagiri District….Page.No-137-143

Priya Parkar[Full Text PDF]


Estimation of Total Phenolics and Antioxidant Activity of an Ayurvedic Formulation Containing Aerial Root of F.Bengalensis.….Page.No-144-150

Sugandha S. Shetye,Valsamma Wilson, ,andKawaljit Kaur [Full Text PDF]


Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Characterization  of 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivative….Page.No-151-155

Varsha  V. Thorat.[Full Text PDF]


Determination of Physicochemical properties and Escherichia Coli in water….Page.No- 156-162

Kasturi.H. Kakaraddi, Kugali. N. M, Yadawe. M. S [Full Text PDF]


Physicochemical and Bacteriological Study of Lake Water….Page.No-163-168

M.I.Kumbar, K.G.Pujar, M.S.Yadawe, S.C.Hiremath, A.S.Pujar, D.M.Hiremath, U.S.Pujeri [Full Text PDF]


Studies of Physicochemical and Some Heavy Metals in Soil and Lake Sediments….Page.No- 169-174

K.G.Pujar, M.I.Kumbar, A.S.Pujar, S.C.Hiremath, U.S.Pujeri, M.S.Yadawe  [Full Text PDF]


Phytochemical and Chromatographic Studies in the Leaves Extract of Acalypha Indica….Page.No- 175-182

Prasad Paindla, Estari Mamidala[Full Text PDF]


Preparation and Characterization of Fe+++  -Doped Dipyridine Polyvinyl Acetate Supported Composite Films….Page.No- 183-189

G. R. Dhokane [Full Text PDF]


Inhibitory Activity of Betulin (Lup-20(29)-Ene-3?, 28-Diol) On Pknb Serine/Threonine Kinase from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis:  A Molecular Modeling Study….Page.No-190-198

M. Aruna Devi, K. Patel, T. Agarwal, A. Gupta, S.A.H. Naqvi [Full Text PDF]


Neem, Azadirachta Indica Juss. A New Host Plant of Insect Aeolesthes Holosericea Fabricius from Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 199-203

U. S. Salve [Full Text PDF]

25 Egg Powder and Its Quality Control….Page.No- 204-219

Y. Sujata [Full Text PDF]


Linum usitatissimum L. (Flaxseed)–A Multifarious Functional Food….Page.No- 220-238

Tawheed Amin, Monika Thakur [Full Text PDF]


Morphotaxonomical Studies to Identify the Member of the Anopheles Subpictus Grassi (Diptera: Culicidae) Species Complex in Villages of District Mewat Haryana State, India….Page.No-239-244

S.P.Singh [Full Text PDF]

28 A Study of Prevalence of Dental Caries and Some Factors Related to it….Page.No- 245-249

Chincholikar sanjeev vasantrao, Prayag ravi [Full Text PDF]

29 Evaluation of Clinical and Aetiological Factors for Intrauterine Fetal Death….Page.No-250-259

Sangeeta Desai, Vasudha Sawant[Full Text PDF]

30 A Comparative Study over Android and Windows 8 Mobile OS….Page.No- 260-268

T.S.Venkateswaran,V.Menaka,R.SwarnaIakshmi, R.Arun[Full Text PDF]

31 An Extensive Study over Vbr Image Processing Algorithm Using Headlight Prefetching and Mash Video Sensing Techniques….Page.No- 269-281

T.S.Venkateswaran, B.Sowmya, R.Arun[Full Text PDF]


Architecture for a Distributed, Sharable Information Security Threat Management….Page.No-282-292

D.S. Bhilare[Full Text PDF]

33 Emerging trends and research in digital forensics….Page.No- 293-304

Anamika Joshi, D.S. Bhilare [Full Text PDF]

34 Urbanisation and Drinking Water Security in Chennai City….Page.No- 305-315

Soorya Vennila, K. Ramesh [Full Text PDF]


Spatial Distribution of Health Care Facilities in Nanded District (Maharashtra) India….Page.No- 316-325

Lokhande T.N, Kale V. P.[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Population Growth and City Expansion using Census, Topographical and Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study of Nashik City of Maharashtra (India)….Page.No- 326-332

S. U. Deore [Full Text PDF]


Geographical Indications and Developing Countries: Some Facts….Page.No- 333-340

Winson Thomas [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Dietary Habits of Students at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching/ Sample of Harran University….Page.No- 341-348

Ismail GÖKHAN, Yakup AKTA?, Gökhan ARIKAN, Hasan Aykut AYSAN Ferhat ELÇ? [Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Pilates Exercises on Body Composition and Some Motoric Parameters in Adult Women….Page.No- 349-354

Ismail GOKHAN, Yakup AKTAS, Gökhan ARIKAN, Hasan Aykut AYSAN, Koray Emre KARA, Mehtap SEVGILI [Full Text PDF]


Status Analysis of Menopausal Disorders among Middle Aged Women….Page.No- 355-359

K. Jothi, C. Jubilet[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Parcourse Work and Interval Training on Strength Endurance  of Male Students….Page.No- 360-366

George Abraham, M. R. Dhinu [Full Text PDF]


A Critical Study of Mental Health, Physical Education and Assertiveness of High School Students of Chandwad Tehsil….Page.No- 367-370

Atmaram Vaman Thoke [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Peer Pressure on the Development of the Adolescents….Page.No- 371-375

Chandrakant Borase[Full Text PDF]


Attitude towards Learning among the students of Higher Secondary Level….Page.No- 376-379

Chandrakant Borase [Full Text PDF]

45 Zaire and Uganda as Models of African Corruption….Page.No- 380-389

Chieke Ihejirika, Frank Fuller[Full Text PDF]

46 Moral Force in the Rule of Law Page.No- 390-392

Kalyani M. Jayasekera [Full Text PDF]

47 Law Regulating Corruption of Public Servants….Page.No- 393-401

Pramod Pandharinath Waghmare [Full Text PDF]

48 International Humanitarian Law in India: A Critical Case Study….Page.No- 402-413

Anita Yadav, Amit Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Discomfort among Women Working in Khakhra Making Units….Page.No- 414-423

Roopa Rao [Full Text PDF]

50 South Asia: A crucible of China’s ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ power politics….Page.No- 424-433

Swati V. Pitale [Full Text PDF]


Network Analysis of Solid Waste Management System In Dalanwala Ward (Dehradun)….Page.No- 434-441

Ananadrao S. Patil, Vikram Singh, Amit Kumar [Full Text PDF]

52 Agricultural Marketing; an Over View….Page.No- 442-450

Sangappa.V.Mamanshetty[Full Text PDF]

53 A trend in women’s health in India: an over View….Page.No- 451-461

Manjunath G.Deshpande, Shanta.B.Astige[Full Text PDF]


New Social Coalitions and Electoral Politics: Trends from Panchayat Elections 2001 in Bihar….Page.No- 462-475

Sangit Kumar Ragi[Full Text PDF]

55 Aadhaar Project: A Critical Analysis ….Page.No- 476-483

Basil B. Mathew [Full Text PDF]