Volume-09 / Feb 2019 Special Issue (02) [International Conference on “Modern Trends in Accounting, Banking and Digital Marketing ]


Volume-09 / Feb 2019 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

International Conference on “Modern Trends in Accounting, Banking and Digital Marketing

Organized and Hosted by School of Commerce,

Erode Arts and Science College (Autonomous),

Rangampalayam, Erode – 638 009, Tamil Nadu, India

Date of Conference : 22nd Feb, 2019

Subject: Accounting, Banking and Digital Marketing

Total Research Papers: 50

                                                                       Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Training and Development for Employees….Page.No- 01-10

V.Vijayalakshmi, R. Mohana, K.J.Athena Annapoorani[Full Text PDF]

2 Inflation accounting….Page.No- 11-14

R.Revathi[Full Text PDF]

3 Impact of Accounting Challenges, Trends and Issues….Page.No- 15-21

S. Kamaladevi[Full Text PDF]

4 Accounting Practice of Micro Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs….Page.No-22-26

V.Murugesh[Full Text PDF]

5 A Study on Inflation Accounting in India….Page.No- 27-35

S.Vidhya[Full Text PDF]

6 Inflation Accounting….Page.No-36-40

T. Charles Victor[Full Text PDF]

7 Creative Accounting and Earning Management….Page.No- 41-48

Nalini .P[Full Text PDF]

8 Financial Performance Practices in Micro Finance Institution….Page.No-49-54

D.Subashini[Full Text PDF]


Impact on the Banking System and the Challenges of Implementation….Page.No- 55-58

P.Revathi[Full Text PDF]

10 Technological Advances Effects of Banking Sector….Page.No-59-66

N.Hemalatha[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Problems Faced by the MSMES in Availing Loans from Micro Finance Institutions: Henry Garrett Ranking Technique….Page.No-67-71

Stegy V J,  A. Elizabeth[Full Text PDF]

12 The Role of Financial Intermediaries and Capital Market in India….Page.No-72-76

M.K.Senthil Kumar[Full Text PDF]

13 Financial Management Practices in Micro Financial Institutions.….Page.No-77-83

P.Parimaladevi, N.Sumathi[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study on the Service Quality of the Public and Private Sectors Life Insurance, Companies in Thanjavur District….Page.No-84-90

S. Sivagamy[Full Text PDF]

15 Global Financial Crisis and Volatility in Indian Stock Market….Page.No-91-95

S.Preethi, S.Leema Rosaline[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Awareness and Utilization of Educational Loan Provided by the Nationalized Banks to Arts, Science and Engineering College Students in Madurai City.….Page.No-96-101

N.M.Mekala, B.Muralidharan[Full Text PDF]

17 Contrastive Scrutiny of Nationalised and Public Banks….Page.No-102-107

Gayathry.P[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Working Capital Management of Tata Motors Ltd with Special Reference to Erode District from 2013-14  To 2017 – 18….Page. No- 108-114

S.Palaniammal, K.Dhivya[Full Text PDF]

19 Banking in the New Era Reference to It Challenges and Strategies….Page.No-115-119

B. Vidya [Full Text PDF]

20 Financial Intermediaries and Capital Market….Page.No- 120-128

B. Elamparithi [Full Text PDF]

21 Foreign Direct Venture in Market Atmosphere….Page.No- 129-135

K. Naina Mohamed[Full Text PDF]


Initiative of Green Banking in India: In Reference with Study of State Bank of India and its Associated Banks….Page.No- 136-142

Ashwitha, Raghavendrababu.J[Full Text PDF]

23 International Financial Management….Page.No- 143-147

R.Gnanasakthi[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Automatic System on District Central Co-Operative Banks (DCCBs) in Tamil Nadu – AnEmpirical Study….Page.No- 148-155

K. Maruthamuthu, K. Munusamy[Full Text PDF]


Regulatory Framework of Credit Rating Agencies in India –  A Study….Page.No- 156-160

B.Mahalakshmi, D.Ganesan[Full Text PDF]

26 Financial Intermediaries and Capital Markets….Page.No- 161-166

S.Bowni [Full Text PDF]


A Study on Financial Inclusion of Indian Rural Investors in Banking Sector….Page.No- 167-171

Thanuja K.A[Full Text PDF]

28 The Importance of Postal Services in India….Page.No- 172-178

S.Kaleeswari, A.Vani [Full Text PDF]

29 International Financial Management….Page.No- 179-183

E.Gayathri[Full Text PDF]


FDI – A constituent of International Financial Management and its impact on Indian Stock Market….Page.No- 184-188

D. Vijayalakshmi, Shalini K Menon[Full Text PDF]

31 Zero Balance Savings Account for Indian Citizens….Page.No- 189-195

S. Shalini[Full Text PDF]

32 International Financial Management….Page.No- 196-200

S. Suguna, R.Nagalakshmi [Full Text PDF]


Financial Performance of Selected Public Sector Bank and Private Sector Banks in India-Comparative Study….Page.No- 201-212

M.Senthilkumar, S.Rajalakshmi[Full Text PDF]

34 Personal Effectiveness among the Employees in Public Sector….Page.No- 213-218

M.Senthilkumar, L.Karthikeyan[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study -Availability of Product and Service between Public and Private Sector Banks in Salem ….Page.No- 219-228

M.Senthilkumar, D.Parameswaran[Full Text PDF]


Customer Behaviour towards Internet Banking Services – With Reference to Nagapattinam District….Page.No- 229-235

P.Balasubramanian, K.Kalidoss, [Full Text PDF]


Nationalised Banks V/S Public Sector Banks….Page.No- 236-239

Pavithra.B, Shreyas Sumesh Menon, Soundharya.M[Full Text PDF]

38 Role of Reserve Bank of India in Indian Economy….Page.No- 240-248

Harish.N[Full Text PDF]

39 International Financial Management….Page.No- 249-254

Sowmya.K.P, Raman.P, G Raghunath[Full Text PDF]

40 Digital Marketing in Indian Scenario….Page.No- 255-259

S.Kamesh, P.Gayathiri[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Employee’s Productivity of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks in India….Page.No- 260-266

S.Umadevi, A.Sengottaiyan[Full Text PDF]

42 Global Financial Crisis – A Lesson Study….Page.No- 267-273

V.Anandhakumar[Full Text PDF]

43 Investment Decisions of Working Women Investors in India….Page.No- 274-280

G.Manju, N. Krishnamoorthy[Full Text PDF]


Micro Financial Institutions on Tiny Women Empowerment in Erode District ….Page.No- 281-285

K.Vinoth Kumar, R.Venkatachalam[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Source of Stress Faced By Self Finance Arts and Science College Teachers in Tamilnadu State….Page.No- 286-291

N.A.Murugayal[Full Text PDF]

46 Financial Intermediaries and Capital Markets….Page.No- 292-295

B.Ganga Devi[Full Text PDF]

47 International Financial Management….Page.No- 296-301

P.Sundaramanikandan[Full Text PDF]

48 Recent Trend of E- Banking Services in India….Page.No- 302-308

S.Maheswari[Full Text PDF]


Analyzing of Financial Performance Through Camel Approach the Case of Weltane Ambo Saccos Union, West Shoa Zone, Oromiya Region ,Ethiopia….Page.No- 309-312

Mulunesh Geleta, A.Tamilarasu[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Smartphone with Special Reference to Coimbatore City ….Page.No- 313-317

P. Jona Jenifer, S.Leema Rosaline[Full Text PDF]